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Lock isn't ready.. But then again, neither was John Elway once. There is value in trial by fire, and these next few weeks will be great for him as long as he can stay healthy behind that O-line. That said, if I'm Scangs, I'm not playing it safe. No dink and dunk garbage. Dumb the offense down slightly, and let him bomb away. His best chance of success at this stage is that rocket launcher he's packing, so let him use it. 

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12 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

Made a couple throws when things have broken down. One panic throwaway. 

Anyone think he’d look this comfortable? And that arm...goodness. 

No I thought he would look frantic. I’m super excited to eat some crow if he keeps this up. Raw, broiled, grilled, fried give it to me in anyway. Still too early but I’m at least calling dibs on my spot at the table.

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