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2020 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

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closed prior to final cuts - check the official Chiefs depth chart

black: 2019 player
violet: 2019 Practice Squad player
blue: Free Agent Acquisition
red: Trade Acquisition
green: Draft Pick
orange: UDFA Acquisition
cyan: Waiver Claim

bold: under contract through 2020


RT - Schwartz, Durant
RG - Wylie, Allegretti
OC -
Reiter, Kilgore
LG - Osemele, Remmers
LT - Fisher

Other Players: Hunter (OT), Senat (OT)Williams (C), Rankin (OT) (A-PUP), Barton

QB - Mahomes II, Henne

Other Players: Ta'amuMoore

RB - Edwards-Helaire, Dar. Williams, D. Thompson
FB - Sherman

Other Players: McGuireWashington

WR - Watkins, Pringle
Slot - Hardman
WR - Hill
, Robinson, Kemp

Other Players: Fortson, Dieter, Ffrench, Limpscomb, Shelton-Mosley

TE - KelceKeizer, Seals-JonesYelder

Other Players: Helm


DE - Clark, Okafor, Dem. Harris
DT - Jon
DT - Nnadi
, Wharton
DE - Kpassagnon, Charlton, Damma

Other Players: Ward, Lawrence, Hoyett, Pennel (susp 2 weeks), Speaks

WLB - NiemannO'Daniel
MLB - Hitchens, Gay Jr.
SLB - Wilson

Other Players: Cobb, Dar. Harris

CB - WardKeyes
NB - Fenton
CB - SneedHamilton

Other Players: Hill, Breeland (susp 4 weeks), Lammons

FS - ThornhillWatts, Thompson
SS - Mathieu, Sorensen

Other Players: Clemons, Colbert


K - Buttker
P - Townsend
LS - Winchester

Other Players: ---

Edited by KC_Guy

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My initial take:

  • While there is always room for improvement, the OL is good to go. C would be my biggest concern, assuming LDT returns to his former self.
  • Backup QB is wide open. They had a tendency to find a decent one for .. hmm .. quite a decent bit of cash as well.
  • RB is a revolving door all the time. The Shady signing this year tells me they are not really happy with the guys left.
  • With Watkins most likely gone for cap reasons this is a real area of concern, even if Hardman can step it up a bit further. I think they need a bigger guy. Not sure Kemp or Pringle are ready to take over.
  • DL is looking not too shabby if they can bring back Jones and/or Ogbah
  • LB and CB face a start from scratch. With few building blocks remaining (Hitchens, Ward, Fenton) these units are my biggest concern.
  • S and Specialists seem set unless they make a cap move with Colquitt.

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I think Moore and Shurmur cover the backup QB situation adequately for 2020. WR is more of a concern. Re-signing Robinson gives us a WR3 with size, but he has been inconsistent. A second multipurpose TE is needed. 

DL turns on the re-signings as well. Jones, Ogbah and Pennel are all worth another contract. Disagree about LB and CB. The LB are the primary read and react players on the defense. It has taken them time to get used to the scheme, but this is a much improved situation since September. That said, we are spending too much money for what we are getting. I rather like the CB group, particularly if we resign Breeland. Fenton was a great pick and Ward is improved. Fuller is finally ready to contribute, so he is the question mark.

Specialists are an age concern. Colquitt, Winchester and Sherman are all on the wrong side of 30. 


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Chiefs will have to cut ten players from this roster. But so do other teams ... and veterans will fall victim amongst them with the cap decline looming.

I wonder whether the Chiefs will pick up a guy or two on minimum vet contracts during the process ... because that would be so Veach-like.

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I don't like the way you have the OL laid out. The starters are fine except LG, where I would put Rankin until things change. Remmers is the backup to both OT and Wylie to both OG. Williams has a real shot to take Alligretti's spot.

What they do with Niang will be interesting. He could be a backup anywhere but C. He could also be the starting OG on either side. It mostly depends on his medicals.


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Posted (edited)

Roster cut down day is getting close (5 September), so I updated MY depth chart with observations from the final training camp practice today, injury reports, suspensions etc.

For 2 positions (backup OT, backup DT) I have no real solution right now. Rankin may be the OT, but he was on PUP for all the preparation, so I think the team will stash him on Res-PUP to start the season. At DT I could see Damma getting an initial shot until Pennel returns from his suspension.

Another unresolved issue is return duties, Obviously Shelton-Mosley got serious reps there lately. If they want to keep him it may cost Pringle, Kemp or a CB like Lammons or Keyes a chance to make the team. May be Shelton-Mosley takes Pennel's slot and they go with just 7 DL initially?

Furthermore, with the depth the team built on certain positions, I would not be surprised if they trade off a guy or two for a bag of peanuts (like a 2022/23 conditional 6th or 7th rounder). Speaks could be a more prominent trade off option with Taco Charlton or Damma taking over.

Final training camp observations here.

Edited by KC_Guy

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2 hours ago, KC_Guy said:

Tershawn Wharton  - could he be the guy filling out the *** DL spot until Pennel comes back - so the team can have a closer look??



He’s listed at 255 some places, 280 others. Nice story to hear though, local kid 

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I think he may have bulked up in the offseason. His picks don't look 280, though if he's a legit 6'4" he might be. TK was pretty lean when he first showed. With Pennell out, there is a slot available.

The idea of a Rolla kid making the NFL is amusing in its own right. 


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