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Devils Stuff and Things III


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1.LSU 12-0
2.Ohio State 12-0
3.Clemson 12-0
4.Georgia 11-1
5.Oklahoma 11-1
6.Utah 11-1
7.Baylor 11-1
8.Wisconsin 10-2
9.Florida 10-2
10.Penn State 10-2
11.Auburn 9-3
12.Alabama 10-2
13.Minnesota 10-2
14.Oregon 10-2
15.Notre Dame 10-2
16.Iowa 9-3
17.Memphis 11-1
18.Boise State 11-1
19.USC 8-4
20.Michigan 9-3
21.Cincinnati 10-2
22.Appalachian State 11-1
23.Virginia 9-3
24.Navy 9-2
25.Kansas State 8-4

SMU, Air Force, Oklahoma State, UCF, Virginia Tech


Peach-1.LSU vs 4.Oklahoma
Fiesta-2.Ohio State vs 3.Clemson

Rose-6.Utah vs 8.Wisconsin
Sugar-5.Georgia vs 7.Baylor
Orange-9.Florida vs 23.Virginia
Cotton-10.Penn State vs 17.Memphis


Joe Burrow||QB||LSU
44/6 TD/INT, 4366 yards, 78.3%, 10.9, 248 yards, 3 TD
Jalen Hurts||QB||Oklahoma
31/6 TD/INT, 3347 yards, 71.9%, 11.7, 1217 yards, 18 TD
JK Dobbins||RB||Ohio State
1657 yards, 6.63, 19 TD, 200 receiving, 2 TD

Justin Fields||QB||Ohio State
37/1 TD/INT, 2654 yards, 68.2%, 9.6, 470 yards, 10 TD
Travis Etienne||RB||Clemson
1386 yards, 8.25, 16 TD, 289 receiving, 2 TD
Tua Tagovailoa||QB||Alabama
33/3 TD/INT, 2840 yards, 71.4%, 11.3, 17 yards, 2 TD
Chase Young||DE||Ohio State
16.5 sacks, 19.5 TFL, 6 FF, 1 PBU
Jonathan Taylor||RB||Wisconsin
1761 yards, 6.31, 20 TD, 201 receiving, 5 TD
Tyler Huntley||QB||Utah
16/2 TD/INT, 2773 yards, 75.5%, 11.1, 255 yards, 5 TD
Chuba Hubbard||RB||Oklahoma State
1936 yards, 6.27, 21 TD, 183 receiving


Peach-1.Ohio State vs 4.Oklahoma
Fiesta-2.LSU vs 3.Clemson

Rose-5.Utah vs 8.Penn State
Sugar-6.Georgia vs 11.Baylor
Orange-7.Florida vs 25.Virginia
Cotton-9.Auburn vs 15.Memphis

The first thing you see is Ohio State #1. Cincinnati will lose next weekend to Memphis, but they will still be ranked at the end, and the committee is going to use 5 top 25 wins for Ohio State to 4 top 12 wins for LSU to have Ohio State first. I think Utah is the fourth best team. They dont have the fourth best resume and a win against Oregon in the Pac 12 Championship is not enough to pass Oklahoma for the last spot in the playoff. Penn State is the highest ranked team from the BIG so they are Utah's opponent in the Rose. Georgia should keep it close with LSU because of their defense, so they wont fall far so they will get Baylor in the Sugar. Florida is the highest ranked SEC/BIG/ND team and it makes sense for them to stay in state and play against a inferior ACC opponent to bring some kind of excitement to the game. If there is not a second ranked team from the ACC, the Orange Bowl will pick the ACC representative, and they do not have to go by record. The committee will keep Virginia ranked, even if they are blown out by Clemson, so they can make the selection to the bowl. The Cotton gets Memphis as the top ranked G5. Their opponent will be the highest ranked team left. Im guessing 9.Auburn, 10.Alabama, 12.Minnesota. It could be any of those three teams.


Bahamas-Charlotte(7-5) vs Miami, OH(7-6)
Frisco-Tulane(6-6) vs Eastern Michigan(6-6)
New Mexico-Western Kentucky(8-4) vs Utah State(7-5)
Cure-Arkansas State(7-5) vs Florida International(6-6)*
Boca Raton-Temple(8-4) vs Buffalo(7-5)

There really isnt much excitement from this group of games. Charlotte would be playing in their first ever bowl, which is remarkable since its their only seventh season of football. They would get Miami(OH), who I have losing the MAC Championship game. Florida International is a replacement because there was not a AAC team for the spot.

Camellia-Georgia State(7-5) vs Ohio(6-6)
Las Vegas-18.Boise State(12-1) vs Washington(7-5)
New Orleans-21.Appalachian State(12-1) vs UAB(9-4)
Gasparilla-Central Florida(9-3) vs Marshall(8-4)
Hawaii-Hawaii(9-5) vs BYU(7-5)

Boise misses out on the G5 bid, but as the Mountain West Champions, they head to Las Vegas to meet a disappointing Washington team. Appalachian State also misses out on the G5 bid. The Conference USA runner up is their consolation prize in New Orleans. Its not clear who gets to play BYU in Hawaii. Its either the AAC or MTN West, but I have not found any criteria. Hawaii won their division, and has nine wins. Thats good enough to keep them home. UCF and Marshall didnt quite live up to expectations this year, but they should put on a good game in Tampa.

Independence-Miami(6-6) vs Louisiana Tech(9-3)*
Quick Lane-Boston College(6-6) vs Illinois(6-6)
Military-22.Navy vs North Carolina(6-6)
Pinstripe-Indiana(8-4) vs Pittsburgh(7-5)
Texas-Texas A&M(7-5) vs Iowa State(7-5)

It is so tempting putting Texas against Texas A&M. Everyone wants it. Especially the Texas Bowl. Will the two teams agree to it? Who knows, but I have Iowa State in the spot for now. The SEC does not have a team for the Independence Bowl. Conference USA is the backup, and a local Louisiana Tech would be a good opponent for Miami. Boston College/Illinois could be the most boring bowl of all time featuring two power conferences.

Holiday-17.Iowa(9-3) vs 20.USC(8-4)
Cheez It-Washington State(6-6) vs San Diego State(9-3)*
Camping World-13.Notre Dame(10-2) vs Oklahoma State(8-4)
First Responder-Southern Mississippi(7-5) vs Kent State(6-6)*
Music City-Virginia Tech(8-4) vs Mississippi State(6-6)

Our first ranked matchup of bowl season is in the Holiday Bowl, and I really think that would be a good game that needs to happen. San Diego State faces Washington State in the Cheez-It Bowl because the Mountain West is the backup, and the Big 12 cannot fill the bowl. We see Kent State in the First Responder Bowl because of no BIG/Big12 teams available.

Redbox-California(7-5) vs Michigan State(6-6)
Alamo-16.Oregon(10-3) vs 23.Kansas State(8-4)
Belk-Wake Forest(8-4) vs Florida Atlantic(10-3)*
Sun-Arizona State(7-5) vs Louisville(7-5)
Liberty-Texas(7-5) vs SMU(10-2)*

Texas might get out of playing Texas A&M in the Texas Bowl, but they slot into the Liberty, and thats an AAC opponent this year, and its not going to be Cincinnati because they just spent two weeks there playing Memphis back to back. So SMU it is. Story lines out the butt. Here is my fun matchup. The SEC does not have a team to fill the Belk Bowl with Missouri's bowl ban being upheld. There is no secondary conference. I still think this spot is Appalachian States if anyone at ESPN actually cares about a good game. For now, Im putting the Conference USA Champion Florida Atlantic there. Conference USA has more teams than bowls, so it fits, and Lane Kiffin is always going to be a great story line, so lets let them play Wake Forest.

Arizona-Georgia Southern(7-5) vs Wyoming(7-5)
Citrus-10.Alabama(10-2) vs 14.Wisconsin(10-3)
Outback-12.Minnesota(10-2) vs Tennessee(7-5)
Birmingham-24.Cincinnati(10-3) vs Florida State(6-6)

An Alabama/Wisconsin matchup should be in a major bowl, but the Citrus Bowl will be thrilled. Minnesota lost the chance to play for the Big 10 Championship yesterday, and they keep getting punished. Wisconsin was last in the Citrus in 2014. Minnesota was there in 2015. Wisconsin gets the better bowl and opponent. Minnesota gets Tennessee in the Outback, because Tennessee is the best SEC team left. With the two losses in Memphis, Cincinnati slides into the Birmingham Bowl because of distance and opponent.

Gator-19.Michigan(9-3) vs Kentucky(7-5)
Idaho Potato-Air Force(10-2) vs Central Michigan(9-4)
Armed Forces-Nevada(7-5) vs Liberty(7-5)*
Mobile Alabama-Lafayette(10-3) vs Western Michigan(7-5)

Liberty. A team that actually lost by double digits to Rutgers. Is in a bowl. They have two wins against FCS teams,  and two wins against New Mexico State. Nevada might be able to beat them by 30. Toledo is the only team that is eligible that did not receive a bid to a bowl.

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It's too bad Notre Dame can't be the ACC representative in the Orange Bowl like they can other ACC bowls. They deserve it more than Virginia. I believe in the next bowl cycle the rules for how ND can play in the Orange Bowl will be changed to allow this once controversy ensues.

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