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Broncos place DE Derek Wolfe on IR

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Never want to see a guy get hurt - but the silver lining to a horrible end of season for Wolfe is that it lets DEN see how DeMarcus Walker / 2019 3rd round rookie Dre'Mont Jones do as his replacements.   This will really factor in whether or not Wolfe returns.

As much as Wolfe's been a warrior, and gave us a discount to stay last time, his play hasn't really warranted 8-figure salaries - the jump to an inside disruptor never reallly happened.  Definite glue guy, and total locker room massive plus - but paying a guy on his 3rd contract is almost always a bad proposition.   Frankly, the Broncos would have to get a massive discount to consider it.   It sucks to say it, but that's the reality of the business side of things.    Either way, though, he's done enough this year to get paid by someone else, wish him well if this was his last game, he can always point to 2015, and going out on a high note with the W vs. the Chargers.  Stay or leave, he'll always have our love & respect for they way he played the game, and the key supporting role he played in our generational 2015 SB50 championship D (legendary, and he'll always be a guy remembered fondly for that, and for how he played the game until now).

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