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GDT Week 2 - Patriots go to Silverdome!

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Haven't got the reference, I'm afraid. I do have some numbers for us to crunch though.

New Orleans; 


Team Offensive Stats

  NO Rank Lg Avg
Snaps/Gm 69.3 1 65.3
Pace (Sec/Sn) 23.96 12 24.28
Run % 36.4% 27 39.8%
Pass % 63.6% 6 60.2%
% Leading 27.3% 26 36.0%


Rushing Stats

  NO Rank Lg Avg
YPC 4.33 13 4.18
YCo/Att 2.56 9 2.43
YBCo/Att 1.76 15 1.76
Inside Zone 21.3% 22 26.0%
Outside Zone 24.8% 18 27.7%
Power 31.0% 2 9.5%
Man 5.2% 23 15.0%


  • The Patriots lead the all-time series, 9-4. The Patriots are 4-1 overall against the Saints in New Orleans, including 3-1 at the Superdome


  • Streif (starting RT) done his MCL against MIN, and is out. Senio Kelemete, who has primarily played at guard during his NFL career to date, with only 8.5 percent of his snaps at tackle, filled in for Strief and struggled, allowing two quarterback pressures. 


  • Their D has ranked either 31st or 32n DVOA for the past 3 years. Go eat, O.
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The Snead suspension certainly helps. Without him, and the Cooks trade, it just feels like they don't have the fire power on offense that we're used to seeing. Thomas is a stud, and Kalmara will (eventually) be a good player, but I'm not sure if anyone else really concerns me. Ginn? Nope.  Fleener? Nope. Their OL is very weak.

Offensively, we should be able to move the ball with ease. I really think this game is going to be huge for our offense in terms of chemistry building and finding an identity. 

We have them on a short week and they travel back to NO after a loss. Plus, we've had more time to prepare. There's really no excuse for the Patriots to lose this one.


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I'm most interested in seeing this team's response this week.

People compared this week's loss to the KC blowout in 2014, but I think it's very different for two reasons. For one, that was week 4. The team was 2-2 at the time, and there was (somewhat) of a reasoning behind the panic mode. That team genuinely looked bad for a 4th of the season. However, I remember Belichick hammering home the fact that he liked the way the team competed, and how they showed fight.

Flash forward to last week, I paid close attention to the post game comments, and it was the exact opposite. Brady didn't like the teams fight, Gronk made a comment, Butler, etc. I'm not expecting the team to figure everything out this week. I think that's a ridiculous expectation with all the new pieces, and the fact that the new CBA has really limited the amount of padded practices, game reps, etc. But I want to see this team respond and show some fight. That's what I'm most excited about and will have my eye on.

The Saints are going to be a tough test for this defense. Everything they do is to create mismatches offensively. Communication was an issue Sunday. I'm sure that was in part due to Hightower (who normally is calling the defense) being on the line, his distance from everyone and Van Noy's inexperience as a play caller. It's only going to get tougher this week with Hightower likely out, and being away. The crowd will be loud and the offense causes a lot of confusion. Defense has to be ready.

Offensively, I'm expecting a big rebound. Predicting big games from Brady, White, and Gronk. I could see Hogan bouncing back as well. Cooks should be super motivated.

Can't wait!

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On 9/13/2017 at 11:11 AM, mcmurtry86 said:

Kamara is a tough matchup for the Pats. Need to chip him at the LOS as much as possible and the safeties need to tackle effectively. Van Noy/Harris/et al. won't be able to run with him in man coverage. Allow him a bunch of 5 yard catches but limit his YAC. 

Looks like we're gonna see a lot of zone coverage again... 


Maybe bring DMac into coverage and move Jones to spy on Kamara?  Or am I just talking crazy

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