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Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?  

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  1. 1. Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?

    • Yes, be gone with them already.
    • No, I want see the Seahawks get beat down in the NFC West for years to come.
    • No, because then poor RudyZ might be stuck with them.
    • No, because I am a proud toothless member of the 12th Man which you all know means I became a fan in 2012. It's also the last year I took a shower, because my hygiene is lacking.

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2 hours ago, Forge said:

I haven't been following too closely, but isn't the focus largely on Baker now? 

According to a UGA site I frequent, this is going to be a similar situation to the Tyreek Hill thing last year. He hasn't spoken out yet but for the seriousness of the crimes the bail was set extremely low there is little chance of any kind of a conviction and from the way the lawyer sounded (I know its his job to defend the client) from Bakers side it sounded like it was a set up. 4 witnesses have recanted their testimony.


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On 2020-05-19 at 3:12 PM, Forge said:

Yeah, this flat out sucks for us. 

My opinion about assistants getting blocked from interviewing with other teams, is that often, these assistants are not even interested in the teams that want to interview with them, so they let the HC block them just so they don't look like jerks. It's the HC's job to look like a jerk. But when you know your situation is better served by remaining an assistant one more year and hope to get a better offer the following year, you let yourself be blocked. I'm sure any of these guys, if they knock on Kyle's door, and they tell him they'd really like to take that opportunity, Kyle is reasonable enough not to make one of his assistants unhappy by forcing them to stay. Then again, I feel like there's probably a code among coaches, a certain loyalty the get through their contracts. After all, if they become HC themselves some time down the road, they'd want to get the same courtesy from their assistants. So, will it change a whole lot? Personally, I think it won't. A few more assistants every year will leave for a coordinator job, but I don't think we'll be raided year in and year out to the point where it's impossible to maintain continuity. THe biggest challenge to our continuity will be replacing Saleh, if he gets a HC gig, but this rule change doesn't change that anyway.

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Hey if a HC/OC/DC can leave for a better job than so should any other asst. If we have a good system in place we will be ok in the long run.

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