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Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?  

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  1. 1. Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?

    • Yes, be gone with them already.
    • No, I want see the Seahawks get beat down in the NFC West for years to come.
    • No, because then poor RudyZ might be stuck with them.
    • No, because I am a proud toothless member of the 12th Man which you all know means I became a fan in 2012. It's also the last year I took a shower, because my hygiene is lacking.

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42 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Definitely doesn't look good. I'm surprised MLB has worked out as well as it has without a bubble. 

Does the NFL put teams in a hotel or something creating a mini-bubble? 

MLB had several series postponed early on and there was talk of cancelling the season as well. They pulled it together

NFL can certainly get by with its current makeup. Playoffs will have to be delayed and the NFL will need extra weeks for these postponed games to be played. It shouldn't be too big a deal; i doubt the stadiums are being used for anything else, and there's no fans anyway. Or, some games, if they're not significant to the standings, will be cancelled outright.  

Or, the NFL could pivot to a mini bubble (Hotels). That would probably be the best bet. 

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2 hours ago, Forge said:

Saints player more confirmed positive. Was on the plane with the rest of the team. Guessing that game is next to be cancelled

Yes. Has to be. 

I can't believe the league didn't build in extra bye weeks. 

They need to reshuffle the schedule and take a1 week break. One week with no football will only hype up footballs return

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4 minutes ago, John232 said:

Another brutal day for Injuries.


Ekeler, Chubb, Carson (concussion) all got wrecked. Feel like i'm missing some people too. 

What was Chubb's? I'm watching the Chargers game. 

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So frustrating that the Dolphins keep getting in the Seahawks territory but are settling for FGs instead of TDs. 

Cardinals are not a good team. Very flawed and I don't like their passing offense. Need more variety.

Herbert is looking good, giving it to a damn solid Bucs defense. 

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