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Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?  

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  1. 1. Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?

    • Yes, be gone with them already.
    • No, I want see the Seahawks get beat down in the NFC West for years to come.
    • No, because then poor RudyZ might be stuck with them.
    • No, because I am a proud toothless member of the 12th Man which you all know means I became a fan in 2012. It's also the last year I took a shower, because my hygiene is lacking.

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Saints are restructuring QB Taysom Hill’s contract to create cap room. Details are great: it’s a 4-year, $140 million contract extension - but all years are voidable and it’s a mechanism to free up cap space this year, per source. It saves Saints over $7.5M against cap this year.

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15 minutes ago, NcFinest9erFan said:

Also Norwell is staying with Jacksonville after restructuring his contract to a one year deal.

Former Giants’ G Kevin Zeitler reached agreement on a three-year, $22.5 million including $16 million guaranteed with the Baltimore Ravens, per league source.

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If you're Miami, are you keeping all those picks to get as many top talents as possible. Or are you pooling some of them to try to get an upper tier QB like Wilson or Watson (if cleared)? Or perhaps use those picks in a big trade up for the 2022 draft?

Don't get me wrong, Miami did great with trading Tunsil & then trading down. But if Tua doesn't progress, they risk getting into QB purgatory, where every year they're a talented team with below average QB's who's in that 10-6 range thats too far away from the top prospects.

Pick 16-20 is Dwayne Haskins & EJ Manuel type QB territory. I also think teams are getting bolder with their QB choices and won't let premium talents like Watson, Mahomes, Allen, & Herbert fall out of the top 5 anymore.

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