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Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?  

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  1. 1. Should the Seahawks move to the CFL?

    • Yes, be gone with them already.
    • No, I want see the Seahawks get beat down in the NFC West for years to come.
    • No, because then poor RudyZ might be stuck with them.
    • No, because I am a proud toothless member of the 12th Man which you all know means I became a fan in 2012. It's also the last year I took a shower, because my hygiene is lacking.

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Russini: “League Circles Say There is 0% Chance Aaron Rodgers Returns to Packers.”

Russini’s comment comes in response to ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky telling Mike Greenberg that he thinks there’s a 5% chance Aaron Rodgers is the Packers starting QB next year.

Russini added a deal wouldn’t come until after June 1st and to watch the Denver Broncos as the landing spot.

We’ve seen big deals before but a Rodgers trade to Denver would top any other deal we’ve seen before

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Rich Eisen also said yesterday the word is a settlement can be happening soon with the Watson case and he may be traded soon afterwards. 

Denver ends up with Rodgers and Miami ends up with Watson? 

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3 hours ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Rich Eisen also said yesterday the word is a settlement can be happening soon with the Watson case and he may be traded soon afterwards. 

Denver ends up with Rodgers and Miami ends up with Watson? 

I think Denver winds up with Watson in that situation. He's got a no trade clause and can force the action and Denver is on his list. Ultimately, they can maybe get him cheaper than originally thought at this point. 

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WFT & DEN should be all in on the veteran options like Rodgers & Watson. Not sure if teams will trade in conference, so Rodgers to DEN & Watson to WFT would be my guess. 

For better or worse, every other team seems set at QB this season. Although PHI, NO, & CAR should go for the upgrade as well IMO

Also, I could see LV trading for Wilson next offseason. Since SEA doesn't have their 2022 1st, i'm guessing Carr gets included in the deal and is their new QB for at least a year

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2 hours ago, 49ersfan said:

I could see LV trading for Wilson next offseason. Since SEA doesn't have their 2022 1st, i'm guessing Carr gets included in the deal and is their new QB for at least a year

Seattle won't trade Wilson until they own their own first round pick. They would be so so so dumb to blow it up when they won't even get the benefit of being bad. 

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29 minutes ago, BayRaider said:

This is a rough draft. I expect a lot of it to change around August, and especially after schedules come out. This is not me looking at schedules or going game by game (which is how you should do your predictions, spending your time and going game by game and reaching a final record). 



AFC North: 

Baltimore Ravens 11-6

Cleveland Browns 11-6

Cincinatti Bengals 7-10

Pittsburgh Steelers 5-12

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts 12-5

Tennessee Titans 10-7

Jacksonville Jaguars 7-10

Houston Texans 2-15

AFC East:

Miami Dolphins 12-5

Buffalo Bills 10-7

New England Patriots 7-10

New York Jets 5-12

AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs 13-4

Las Vegas Raiders 9-8

Los Angeles Chargers 8-9

Denver Broncos 8-9



NFC North:

Green Bay Packers 13-4

Chicago Bears 10-7

Minnesota Vikings 8-9

Detroit Lions 3-14

NFC South:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-5

Atlanta Falcons 11-6

Carolina Panthers 6-11

New Orleans Saints 6-11

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys 10-7

Washington Football Team 9-8

Philadelphia Eagles 4-13

New York Giants 4-13

NFC West:

San Francisco 49ers 13-4

Los Angeles Rams 11-6

Seattle Seahawks 8-9

Arizona Cardinals 7-10

Make sure your total equals 272 wins like mine does. Everyone usually goes like 30 frickin games over that win total and every team in the NFL has a good record or .500. 

AFC Seeds:


1) Kansas City Chiefs 13-4


2) Miami Dolphins 12-5

3) Indianapolis Colts 12-5

4) Baltimore Ravens 11-6

5) Cleveland Browns 11-6

6) Tennessee Titans 10-7

7) Buffalo Bills 10-7


NFC Seeds:


1) San Francisco 49ers 13-4


2) Green Bay Packers 13-4

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-5

4) Dallas Cowboys 10-7

5) Los Angeles Rams 11-6

6) Atlanta Falcons 11-6

7) Chicago Bears 10-7


AFC Playoff Games:

Wildcard Round: 

(7) Buffalo Bills at (2) Miami Dolphins

(6) Tennessee Titans at (3) Indianapolis Colts

(5) Cleveland Browns at (4) Baltimore Ravens

Divisional Round:

(6) Tennesse Titans at (1) Kansas City Chiefs

(4) Baltimore Ravens at (2) Miami Dolphins

Conference Championship:

(2) Miami Dolphins at (1) Kansas City Chiefs


NFC Playoffs:

Wildcard Round:

(7) Chicago Bears at (2) Green Bay Packers

(6) Atlanta Falcons at (3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(5) Los Angeles Rams at (4) Dallas Cowboys

Divisional Round:

(5) Los Angeles Rams at (1) San Francisco 49ers

(3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at (2) Green Bay Packers

Conference Championship:

(5) Los Angeles Rams at (2) Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers over Miami Dolphins 37-27

This is IF Aaron Rodgers stays.

Just FYI, predicted Bucs over Chiefs all year long before, during, and after the Regular Season. Let's see if I can do it again. 

Also not buying into this strange Charger hype. Their defense isn't going to be good just because they hired Staley. And them choking didn't have much to do with Lynn, they've been doing that for 50 years. Also, would not be surprised if Herbert goes in a bit of a sophomore slump. 

My predictions from NFL General. 

I got 7 out of 8 Division winners correct last year including Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Washington (three not all that many predicted). Only one got wrong was Vikings (holy Aaron Rodgers resurgence batman!). Also had Bucs over Chiefs Pre-Season, Mid-Season, and after Week 17 and never once wavered a single time. 

I see the 49ers having a great season, Aiyuk really breaking out, Jimmy playing with a chip on his shoulder, the defense being pretty dang good but not as good as 2019.

I do see the Rams Playoff Defense being too much for Jimmy. Rams being up like 24-10 after Jimmy throws two picks and being flustered. Trey Lance comes in and the Rams hang on 27-24 after Lance and the 49ers go on a 14-3 run. 

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Did you guys ever have super Jimmy G Homers? Like I’ll never understand such crazy homerism for Middle of the Pack QB’s, that are the 13th best QB in the league on a good day. 

Certain Raider Fans during the off-season: Why would you want Brady, he is totally washed up and his arm is literally toast!

Me: His arm is toast…? Did you watch his 2019 games? His velocity hasn’t changed at all. Are you listening to the media, box scouting, or both?

Certain Raider Fans: He was garbage in 2019, he’ll be garbage in 2020!

Me: He wasn’t garbage at all in 2019… he legit had the worst WR/RB/TE core in the NFL. 32nd. Legit god-awful unit. What Bellichick did to him was downright filthy. He is going to win the Super Bowl this year with Tampa Bay, and I’m not even a Brady fan. 

Certain Raiders Fans: LOLLLLLL. You’re a moron! Carr is 10000x better than Brady!

*Brady wins the Super Bowl*

Certain Raider Fans: Carr would of won the Super Bowl AND MVP on that super stacked team!!! What Brady did was not impressive at all!!

*Me Wanting Rodgers*

Certain Raider Fans: LOLLL we wouldn’t do anything with Rodgers, our roster is not good enough, and Carr is in his prime!! Rodgers adds one win, topps!

Me: No…. with Carr, you are probably looking at a 9-8 season at best. With Rodgers you are probably looking at 12-5 and a Conf Championship appearance. Elite QBs MATTER. They make your team 5x better instantly. Super Bowl win in 2021? Likely not, but 2022? Sure. 

Raider Fans: LOLLLL Carr is a Top 10 QB, we don’t need Rodgers. 

Me: Sigh. Rodgers is a Top 2 QB while Carr is 14th-15th. 

Basically my life in the Raider Subforum. 

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