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Bowl Season- Prospect Discussion

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Tight ends that I think profile as Patriots draft targets include:

Hunter Bryant, Albert Okwurgbunam, Jared Pinkney, Cheyenne O'Grady, Mitchell Wilcox.

Bryant is a speed demon - basically a wide receiver. "Albert O" is a great high point/jump ball hands catcher with a feel for the sideline. Pinkney has great potential as a blocker and has been used as an H-back. O'Grady seems to me like best combination of traits in the draft at tight end; Gronk-like YAC and energy guy. Wilcox dives for catches routinely and is tough with perhaps underrated athleticism.

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Wouldn't surprise me if Jalen Hurts, Jordan Love, or Jacob Eason is the pick in round 1, (or the first pick they make).

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