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50 minutes ago, THE DUKE said:

Other than stalking the MS Store, any other tips on trying to get a Series X?

Best way has been follow people like Wario64 on twitter, they'll share when they are going up.
If you can stick with the websites for a bit. Sometimes the stock doesn't go up right at a particular time like they say.


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New upcoming Xbox exclusives revealed: Project 'Midnight' from Compulsion and 'Pentiment' from Obsidian



Compulsion's Project 'Midnight'

Compulsion joined Microsoft near the start of their content acquisition spree. The firm is known primarily for We Happy Few, which despite some gameplay problems, delivered big in the art direction department. We Happy Few's twisted vision of a fallen Britain proved a truly intriguing concept, and solidified Compulsion as a studio with a lot of potential.

Recently, we received some details on Compulsion's first outing as part of Xbox Game Studios. Currently codenamed "Midnight," this upcoming title is supposedly a third-person action game set in a dark and fantastical world. Some of the game's early concept artwork can be seen above. They represent the game's protagonist, alongside warped harpy-like humanoids that appear to descend through various iterations of mutation. On the left, we can see what appears to be harpy nest-style dwellings built atop a tree.

Midnight is described as a "coming of age" tale drawing upon inspirations from America's Deep South. The game features magic and large fantastical beasts with a strong "southern gothic" vibe. The game is a wholly single-player experience, with what has been described to me as a "strong" story.

Right now I have no info on the launch timings of Midnight, but you're likely looking at the next couple of years for an official reveal and perhaps even a full launch, although it could come later depending on Compulsion's growth and ambitions for the title.



Obsidian's "Pentiment"

Recently revealed by Jeff Grubb on his premium Grubbsnax show, Obsidian's "indie"-style effort is emerging from a small team led by Josh Sawyer, famed for his leadership on what is arguably the best Fallout game; New Vegas, as well as a personal fave, Pillars of Eternity.

I recently revealed the game's name with my co-host Rand_Al_Thor_19 on our Xbox Two podcast. It's being called "Pentiment," which refers to "an underlying image in a painting, especially one that has become visible when the top layer of paint has turned transparent with age," according to the dictionary. This naming convention hints at the game's premise, by which you act as an investigator in 16th century Europe uncovering the truth behind a grisly murder.

Grubb mentioned that Pentiment takes cues from the likes of Disco Elysium and the branching narrative designs Josh Sawyer is known for. You'll be able to investigate and make accusations against the characters in-game, which could lead to cascading consequences if you're wrong. It'll be a dialogue-heavy game with decisions to make and response options to choose from, which will shape your experience as you unwrap the murder conspiracy before you.

I am told that Pentiment is being built by a small team of around 12 people, and is more of a narrative RPG adventure than something combat-oriented. The art asset above may represent some of the designs the game is gunning for. Jeff Grubb also mentioned that Pentiment is exploring "experimental" gameplay elements, too, although they may ultimately not make it into the final release. Speaking of which, Grubb also noted that Pentiment is indeed gunning for a 2022 launch.

More teases

Microsoft is showing no signs of slowing down either. Xbox chief Phil Spencer this week noted that he's exploring expanding Microsoft's casual gaming portfolio through acquisitions, and I also received word of yet another upcoming Xbox Publishing partnership, codenamed "Vonnegut," presumably after the novelist Kurt Vonnegut, although beyond the game's codename, I have no information on exactly what that is or who could be making it. Vonnegut falls alongside another first-party title codenamed "Velvet," although, once again, very little is known about who or what it could be.

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"Midnight" sounds dope and love the look of those concept designs.
Rumor is a trailer for it could be at The Game Awards next month.
Compulsion really upped the numbers of their team reportedly when they were bought, excited to see it.

"Pentiment" seems like what the benefit of gamepass can be for some of these teams.
Can have a more experimental idea and not have to worry about convincing people to shell out $20-$40 for it.
Basically letting bigger studios do more indie level small team stuff on the sides of projects.

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Got the LG OLED C1, really enjoying the extra boost I'm getting out of the upgrade.

Dolby Vision has both Halo Infinite and Guardians of the Galaxy looking/running great.

Recent GotG update added raytracing, which really has made the lighting pop.

The upped refresh rate , freesync and all that is great too.


Would definitely recommend for anyone in the market for an upgrade.

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