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Let's Get Mock Off Seasons Going

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Bored at work, thought I'd get the Mock Off season going since the Jets season is all but over.


Not going to do anything here. I pray everyday that Adam "Offensive Genius" Gase is fired, but we'll see what the higher ups do


Brian Winters: Awful guard, the line has played better without him. Also he sealed his fate when he got caught yelling at Darnold over Kalil's botch snap. See ya.

K. Osmele: He was a headache in Oakland & he was a headache for the Jets. Have fun rehabbing that shoulder.

Quincy Enunwa: I like Quincy, but he can't stay healthy. Also him putting the Jets on blast via Twitter seals his fate with the team.

Josh Bellamy: Why did the even sign him?

Trumaine Johnson: What a wonderful Mike Maccagnan signing. He sucks, simple as that. Bye-Bye!

Darryl Roberts: When he's not getting burnt in coverage he's bashing Jets fans on social media. See ya later you bum.


Let Walk

Kelvin Beachum/Ryan Kalil/Brandon Shell: I figured i'd just lump them all together. None of these 3 are worth another contract as the Jets need to be looking to totally redo their offensive line.

Bilal Powell/Ty Montgomery: Grouped them together as well. I think the Jets like Josh Adams & will also add another RB with speed.

Demaryus Thomas: He's done, Jets need to upgrade at WR.

Neville Hewitt: He's good for one boneheaded PI a game. Not worth it.

Maurice Canady: Upgrades to the CB position coming

Nate Hairston: See above.

Mathias Farley: Did he even play this year?



Robby Anderson: I've been back & forth with this one but I think the Jets need to bring back RA. He has a good connection with Darnold & he has shown that he can be a very solid #2 WR. Get more guys around him & he can become even better.

Jordan Jenkins: Has improved every year. He is also a team leader, something the Jets need.

James Burgess Jr.: He's shown enough to come back next year.

Brian Poole: Has done an excellent job at Slot CB this season. Let him continue doing that moving forward.

Arthur Maulet: Brought back for depth.


FA Signings

Brandon Scherff-OG-Redskins: Like i've stated above, the Jets need to redo their entire offense. They start by signing one of the better guards in the league. The Redskins are a mess & I can see them letting Scherff walk. If that's the case, the Jets better be all over it.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai-OG-Eagles: I can see Douglas trying to sign some Eagles FA that he likes. I have a few friends who are Eagles fans & they like him, even though they think the Eagles will let him hit the open market. This signing helps upgrade both guard spots which will help with the OL rebuild (more to follow)

Matt Judon-OLB-Ravens: Second year in a row the Jets add a LB from Baltimore. Judon does a nice job getting to the QB, something the Jets have been lacking since the John Abraham days. Judon & Jenkins make a solid 1-2 punch at the OLB position.

Jalen Mills-CB-Eagles: Just like Vaitai, Douglas gets a guy from his past. Mills is a upgrade over both Johnson & Roberts.



TRADE: Jets trade pick #7 (where I think they'll end up) to the Panthers for their 1st, 2nd, 4th, & next year's 2nd. The Panthers will most likely get rid of Cam this offseason & may look to draft their future QB. Here I have them doing so & trading with the Jets. The Jets do this to gain more picks this/next year & now have the flexibility to move around during the draft.

1st: Jedrick Wills Jr.-OT-Alabama: Very solid Tackle who can step in Day 1 & contribute protecting Darnold.

TRADE: Jets trade their 2nd & 3rd round picks to the Chiefs for the 25th pick. The Jets jump back into the first round to help sure up their line even further.

1st: Austin Jackson-OT-USC: Has the prototypical size to play LT in the NFL & is lightning quick. Will be protecting Darnold's blindside for the next decade plus.

2nd: AJ Terrell-CB-Clemson: A big cover corner who can help sure up the secondary even further.

3rd: Nick Harris-OC-Washington: Joe Douglas finishes up rebuilding the OL with this pick. Harris is a solid/smart OC & will start Day 1.

TRADE: Jets trade both 4th round picks for a mid round 3rd. The Jets jump back into the 3rd round to get a player they want.

3rd: Tyler Johnson-WR-Minnesota: An excellent route runner who has made a career making tough catches all over the field. Will be a nice pairing with both RA & Crowder.

5th: Bryan Edwards-WR-South Carolina: More depth at the WR position. Edwards has had a solid career for the Gamecocks & I think he'd make a solid possession WR in the NFL. He can be an over the middle type of player for Darnold as well as a big redzone target.

6th: Clyde Edwards-Heclaire-RB-LSU: The Jets need a speedy backup RB. CEH is just thought as he can run in between the tackles or break one to the outside.

7th: Jalen Elliott-S-Notre Dame: Depth at the safety position


Depth Chart


QB: Darnold/Falk

RB: Bell, Adams, CEH

WR: RA, Edwards

WR: Johnson

Slot: Crowder, Berrios

TE: Herndon, Griffin, Wesco

LT: Jackson, Qvale

LG: Scherff, Lewis

C: Harris, Harrison

RG: Vaitai, Lewis

RT: Wills, Edoga


DE: Anderson, Phillips

DT: McLendon, Fatukasi

DE: Williams, Shepherd

OLB: Jenkins, Basham

ILB: Williamson, Cashman

ILB: Mosley, Burgess

OLB: Judoh

CB: Austin, Maulet

Slot: Poole

CB: Mills, Terrell

FS: Maye

SS: Adams, Elliott

Special Teams

K: Ficken

P: Edwards

LS: Hennessey



This off season focuses on rebuilding the OL as well as adding play makers to the offense. I did not have a Bell or Adams trade in there as I think the Jets would be IDIOTIC to trade players/leaders like that. With the draft, I went offensive heavy which is needed since they've been defensive heavy for the past decade. Getting an extra 2nd in the 2021 draft is useful as well. I know it may scare some of you that I have 3 rookie linemen starting but Scherff & Vaitai can help anchor the line & also, it can't be much worse than what we're watching now. Defense I didn't change up that much because I think they'll continue to improve next year with the return of both Mosely & Williamson, plus the few additions I did make. Let me know what you think!

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I'm not knowledgable enough to discuss the players, but love the plan.

I would love hunting talented youth at OL, CB, and Edge while hunting for value at offensive weapon.

Douglass has the ability to really tear this biatch down without sending building blocks out.

We should have 100+mm to spend in FA with some sensible cuts, but I don't see us being big players in FA.

I don't have much to go on, but I think Douglass will follow the Colt blueprint once Ballard took over and truly build through the draft.

6 year deal allows him to do that.  He knows he'll have at least 3 years to do this right.  Get the right kids in here, develop them into NFL players, and see what happens from there.

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I like this offseason. I’m hoping for a surgical FA process. I’m hoping we get 3-4 guys that really fit a need and the culture we want to build. This has that. 

I like the draft as well. 

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I’m not a big fan of the Pac12 so imo Austin Jackson is not worth trading back into the first. If Leatherwood or Biadasz we’re available I’d make the trade otherwise I would sit back and see who was available

no way do I see the ravens letting Judon get to free agency. 

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In theory I like your idea. Rebuilding the OL and getting Darnold a couple new toys should be the main focus of this offseason. I just am not a big fan of mocks that have a bunch of trades. Makes it rather unrealistic.

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