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Apart from FA signings Jets 3rd Mock Draft

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I find it crazy that the Jets spend millions of dollars on FA and the team continues to be a portrait of futility. Granted the Johnsons have tried to bring in quality people, but the fact of the matter is they have gone down the wrong road every 3 years or since Mike T was let go. He at least did much better than those who followed after him. 

So Idzik and Mike Mac were terrible and this is their doing and should take all the responsibility for the state of the Jets franchise.

So where do we go from here? Either trade Bell (were going to have to eat some of his contract and Gase has no use for him) bowling didn't endear him to mgmt. or the fanbase, or build up the OL and see if he is the player we all hoped he would be. The problem with that scenario is if he has lost a step, were stuck another year with another failed FA signing.

Trade Bell see if you can garner a third rounder for him, and move on. The Jets have already put the FA CB Johnson on notice that he will be gone at the end of the year and should be. The Jets have to make a decision on Robbie Anderson I would put a 2nd round tag on him if possible or tag him for another year if possible because in his mind he wants to be paid like a top 5 WR, YEAH RIGHT!!!

So where is the glaring needs besides pass rusher, which Mike Mac passed on and we drafted Williams and passed on Allen, don't get me started. The Jets have the most glaring need on the offensive line, and to that end, this is the most important position on the team as far as need goes. If Darnold is not protected his longevity and health and future Jets wins are in jeopardy.

The Jets in my humble onion in the first two picks must address the OL, then draft for another pressing need and that is CB. If the Jets are to address other needs they have to trade other assets in order to have a better rounded team.

Look for the Jets to move Adam's who is elite and wears his emotions on his sleeve, but I believe because of that can be a negative influence as well. I see the Jets trading Adams to the Cowboys for at the minimum a number 1, 3, and a number 2 the following year. The Cowboys should have pulled the trigger at the trading deadline, I believe Adams would have gotten them a win or two with his play and pass rushing ability.

So apart from what the Jets have currently and I am projecting here because we don't know where they will be in the final standings, I believe they will be 5-11 and will fail to win another game finishing on a 3 game losing streak.

Here is my 3 round Mock (a per need draft)

9th pick of the draft Tristian Wirfs OT Iowa

40-43 pick Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma or Tyler Biadasz

66th pick from the Giants  Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska 

70th pick Paris Ford S Pittsburg

While it is not perfect, it fills many needs both defensively and offensively. If the Jets can parlay a few more picks with Bell and Adams they can put themselves in a position to be more competitive sooner than later.

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Yup, as others have said, this should be in the Jets team forum.

Good reminder for everyone, if you are doing a mock for one team only, do it in the team forum. Not only does it keep this forum from getting cluttered, but you'll get more and better feedback there.

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