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Pastor Dillon

Titans vs Texans

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Division on the line. We win today and we have a Huge advantage to take the division. In fact, unless the titans upset the saints next week, we basically will win with a win today. 

but none of us have a clue what’s about to happen 

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Looking at a wildcard bid, assuming we finish 9-7.... I think if we finish 10-6 we win the division under just about any scenario  

Cardinals can knock out the browns with a win 

The bills can help us out by beating the Steelers. 

it’s gonna come down to us and the Steelers for the final wild card spot if we get swept by the titans. 

The good news is that even if we lose today it doesn’t change our outlook at all. Beat the bucs and beat the titans and win the division. 

now there’s always the chance we beat the  Titans today and lose to the bucs next week. In that case, we are 9-6 and the titans are either 8-7 or 9-6 and that last game is either a throw away or it’s moved to prime time. 

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Romeo is going to have his hands full today. But moments like this are what this team is made for.

I called it last time. I can call it again.

The Titans are red-hot. The Texans are hot-and-cold, coming off a terrible loss to the Broncos.

An old rivalry. Traitors, facing off against their former home. Fallen brothers versus the heroes of our blue-collar homeland. 

Today, from the creators of BOmB Squad, comes...

BOmB Squad: Refused.

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