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Walking Dead mafia: Civs win! Saviors are dead!

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It's mafia time.

Rick Grimes and company must wage all-out-war to try to defeat Negan and the Saviors.

Which character will you be? Whose side will you be on?

One thing is for sure...everyone will have some kind of power.

17 signups available.






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 1. Every night, there will be a lynch. Vote for the person you want to lynch by bolding your vote. Highest vote-getter is lynched. If night ends at 9:00 PM, votes marked 9:00 PM WILL count. Votes marked at 9:01 PM will not count. If there's a tie, we'll have a 10 minute overtime. If still a tie, the lynch is randomized.

 2. At night (after the lynch), this is where most of the abilities will take place. For instance, mafia will be able to place a hit on a player.
   You may send your moves in advance.

 3. Do not edit your post. I will punish you in some way.

 4. Do NOT post your PMs in thread. Do NOT copy+paste anything from your PMs verbatim. You must use your own words.

 5. Mafia may be given safe-claim abilities.

 6. You may have passive and active abilities. Passive abilities (like bulletproof for instance) just happen, and you don't actually have to PM me your target. For Active abilities, you must choose to use them and PM me.

 7. PM me your moves early, you can always change it later.

 8. If you don't vote for 2 straight days, you will be killed.

 9. Saviors (mafia) must send their own moves in. The last Savior to send a hit in will be the one performing the factional hit. Saviors get 1 factional hit every night.

10. No communication about the game outside the thread unless your role allows it.

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Game-specific information:

Character names and roles will not be revealed at first. The names, roles, and abilities will be revealed upon character death.

Everyone will have at least one ability.

There are 4 Saviors (mafia) and 13 civs. The ratio will be revealed after every night. There will be no conversions.

Mafia members will have cover roles/abilities.

Rick Grimes is in the game, and is guaranteed to be civ.

Here is a partial list of the Saviors' abilities:
"Whenever you make the factional hit, the action will not show up on tracker, watcher, follower, voyeur, or motion detector reports."

Partial Strongman:
"Whenever you make the factional hit, the action cannot be stopped by protection actions."


The Saviors also have a 1-shot prediction ability. If they can guess the following day's lynch, they will gain access to an additional factional hit that night. There are restrictions to this ability. They can only use it if the number of civs is at least four times that the Saviors. In addition, one Savior member cannot make both kills.

An mafia member may perform both an active ability and the factional kill in the same night.


So as to not impact people's weekends too much, but still give good N1 information to go from, here's the night schedules, assuming we go 6 nights.

If we get 1 more today, roles go out later tonight.

Night will be 8 PM CST/9 PM EST

Night 1: Friday

Night 2: Monday

Night 3: Tuesday

Night 4: Wednesday

Night 5: Thursday

Night 6: Friday


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Player List (17 total)

1. thelawoffices - Ezekiel - civ

2. EliteTexan80 Jadis - Savior

3. mission27 - Tara -  civ

4. bucsfan333 Gregory - Savior

5. LionsFTW Dwight - civ

6. Hockey5djh Carl - civ

7. Danger

8. domepatrol91

9 11sanchez11 Enid - Civ

10 jfinley88 - Morgan - Civ

11 Tyty

12 Matts4313

13 james.mcmurry13 Gabrielle - Civ

14 Cwood - Michonne - Civ

15 The LBC

16 kingseanjohn (replaced LuckyNumber) - Natania - civ

17 stallyns



Ratio: 4-2

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