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Here is some facts about how bad things are....or aren't. In 2002, the Colts roster included:

Peyton Manning




Adam Meadows

Ryan Diem

Tarik Glenn

Dwight Freeney

Mike Peterson

Jeff Saturday

They went into the Meadowlands and lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Jets.......41-0. Thats right folks, that awesome lineup could not even SCORE A POINT. But you know what? Four years later they won the SB. So maybe this last weeks loss does not indicate they are the worse team, owner, GM, coach ever. (As always....I clarify that this board is actually pretty realistic and supportive of the team. This is just my only place to plant my opinions about the fanbase as a whole) What say you?


Go Colts!!

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Just 2 years after this the Colts had one of the most high powered offenses of all time. Peyton threw for 49 TDs. Marvin, Reggie and Brandon Stokley all had 1,000+ yards receiving and Edge had over 2,000 yards from scrimmage. We just need someone to get the ball out on and downfield quicker and more timely

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Great era for the team for sure. Yeah, let's hope that this Sunday's performance was an outlier and not an indication of what is to come this season. Hoping we can get a win this week vs. Arizona. An Arizona team that has Carson Palmer at QB and will be missing David Johnson.

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