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It's hard decision but I believe the Chargers need to move on from Phillip Rivers this off-season

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18 minutes ago, Classic said:

That might be true any other off-season but not a critical one like this. If you look at the free agent pool this off-season you'll see quite a few note worthy OL. Conklin, Williams, etc.

They may not work out but we do have some cap opening up and he needs to be a big player in F.A this year. It's not like he can pretend were a contender that can get players on the cheap. 

I also think Herbert isn't the media plugging in a QB name at 6. He has all checkmarks of a Telesco QB. 4 year starter, well liked among teammates, stats improved every year and generally healthy. He is also a Oregon Duck and the last time the Chargers front office even had sniffing at QB they took their Owner to go see Mariota. 

Yes, there is some cap opening up, but that's because 1) the QB's contract is off the books and that's going to have to be accounted for somehow and 2) they're going to, at minimum, throw a premier offer at Bosa (for both logistical reasons - being able, if he signs, to have an extra year to prorate the signing bonus monies over or knowing what they're dealing with if it comes to necessary to trade him because he has no intention of extending).  In fact, I'd expect that to likely be something that's dealt with prior to even considering drafting a rookie QB this year because the push will be on at that point to get a Mack-esque return on him and the acquisition of a franchise QB probably the only instance where you really feel justified in trading away a premier pass-rusher.  You don't necessarily want to see it, but (and I wouldn't particularly love doing the deal with a target of a prospect with numerous injury issues in the past to his record, but still...) Bosa alone could be the makeweight to preclude having to give up any picks in a trade-up with Detroit (who probably covet Chase Young but won't get him).  Or, if a trade goes down later and ends up having to happen, Bosa could net some serious assets to assure that Lawrence or Fields end up a Charger.

 Barring getting someone of the caliber of Pouncey, when he was acquired, at a similar rate and length of time, I have trouble seeing logic in investing sizable money in the RT or guard position (and, if we're realistic, they're not just going to up and give up on Pipkins on a whim after investing a 3rd just last year on him - reach or not).  I'd bet dollars to donuts that Trent Williams is franchised.  He might Le'Veon it - justifiably so - but I wouldn't want to bank on acquiring him.  You guys pick high enough in the round order that even if OT is put off till R2, there should still be quality prospects available barring an absurd run (Wirfs, Thomas, Wills, and 1-2 others among Becton, Jones, and Jackson probably go Rd 1 because outside of Biadasz the interior line class lacks true creme de la creme, but the 1-2 of the 3 later that doesn't go, plus Niang, Tega Wanogo, Peart, and Steele should all still be there for certain).

With Rivers gone, even with the potential of the defense, the window is largely closed.  A standout defense and middling-until-proven-otherwise offense basically puts the Chargers in the same boat as Buffalo (whose offense has more upside presently), Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and likely the Titans: A wild card contender, but one that even if they make the playoffs is far more likely to eventually suffer at the hands of their shortcomings against a more complete team and end up falling short.

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