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Week #16 GDT Steelers at Ravens Ho, Ho, Humbug!

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nothing pisses me off more than sideline players laughing and smiling while getting their butts kicked and, on top of it, needing miracle help to advance anyways after giving up controlling your own destiny the week prior.  I guess the thoughts of golfing tomorrow are pretty positive. 



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5 minutes ago, FourThreeMafia said:

Who cares...Im pretty excited about next year if Ben gets healthy.


if they keep bud and ben comes back fine + this defense

I like this teams chances against any AFC team ..plus NE days of dominance might be coming to a end

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I honestly think that’s the right decision for what it’s worth. A great pipped punt...NOW if coach like it’s the last game. 

There is no difference between a 3 score loss and a 98 yard td or a 2 score lose. Cover 0 and send the house. The best squad is on the field right now. 

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