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Week #16 GDT Steelers at Ravens Ho, Ho, Humbug!

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Just now, August4th said:

Ravens field is a mess

why did they go back to grass?

it's like when the Steelers had  Bell, Bryant, Brown .... made no sense to play on terrible Heinz field November surface where you lost speed and cutting ability....    Lamar would be even deadlier on a better surface.  Granted, maybe they're using it to cut down on injury risk.


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19 minutes ago, SlevinKelevra said:

I don't understand why they don't put them through it sooner.

Why wait til year 2?


Hard to do in a limited amount of time with the team from draft till camp. 

19 minutes ago, Chieferific said:

Not trying to start an argument but what exactly do you like about Snell? I see a slow RB with little wiggle or power.

I think he finds the crease and runs hard enough to get through it. Feels like he is always falling forward. He was highly productive and doesn’t rely on the big burst plays.

Honestly, for me, I could care less about his speed. I think big play ability is the most overrated feature of a running back. It’s the hardest to replicate and the first ability to go away. And usually, as soon as it goes away the back goes from relevant to irrelevant. 

Gimme a guy that’s a true 4 YPC, not someone’s who’s average dips 1.5 yards by taking away their longest run of each game (Hi, Todd).  

Can he get me 3 when I need 2? I think he can. Can he wear down a team in the 4th and have teams hating tackling him late in December? I think so. 

I think he will play quicker with a full offseason and some cut lbs. Long winded answer, but I see the makings of a good NFL player but he will never be fancy, just productive. 

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