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What teams draft Eason, Herbert, Fromm and Hurts?


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Bears don't have a pick until the 2nd round, wouldn't be at all surprised if Eason is gone by then. Too many QB desperate teams and he has potential to be "developed".  

I'd be absolutely shocked if Bears took a QB early TBH....  Pace (GM) and Nagy (HC) are likely going to be fighting for their jobs during 2020 for 2021+. Wasting their higher end draft capital on a rookie QB simply isn't going to save their jobs if the team crashes and burns again.

Trubisky isn't good by any stretch, but he does at least avoid turnovers, and I think the smart play is just revamping their OL/TE positions. The team can't run the ball to save their lives right now, and I think Trubisky is going to need a very strong running game to carry him (and the coaches/GM are going to need a strong running game to save their jobs)

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37 minutes ago, NateDawg said:

Fromm is headed to the league? 

Enjoy another year in college, Jake. You’re a day 3 prospect right now. 

I don't see how Fromm decides to declare.   He can rehab his stock much more with Georgia returning a bunch of freshman/soph WR's next year.

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On 12/24/2019 at 3:34 PM, Counselor said:

Some are high on Kellen Mond

Lol I'm an A&M fan and even I'm not high on Mond, he's actually regressed this year IMO, teams he was carving up last year, he's been wildly inconsistent to just plain bad against. I hope he gets to the NFL though, always rooting for an Aggie.

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