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2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

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Posting this up really early, but want the links available now to have as hyperlinks in the workbooks.

This will be the full tcmd version complete with draft, waiver wire, free agency and trade block.

If you're looking for some bathroom reading material Here is a copy of the guidelines.

I made several rule changes and adjustments to this years version.

  • Releasing and/or Trading players
    • Probably the biggest one is opening up the ability to trade and or release players that just aren't original to the team roster.
      • There are still restrictions to trading players you acquired via FA due to the good faith negotiations rule within the CBA, but releasing any player is now an option.  
  • Altered the Extending and restructure rules.
    • Restructure is now based on the starting available cap space of the team.
    • Extension are unlimited providing the player fails within certain criteria.
  • Included the Fifth Year Option
    • Odds are this likely will get used in a mock like this, but the option is there for those that like to play it real.
  • Introducing the Practice Squad
    • Since the PS doesn't exist in the offseason, the current structure for this in this mock just provides another way to sign these guys back onto your roster or for other teams to attempt to sign them to their active roster.  For the Keeper I plan on running, this will play a larger role. 
  • Free Agent Bidding
    • Subsequent Year 30% Rule
      • Adjusted the contract structure for year one and two under this rule to 140%, what this means is that the contracts you create are more inline with how a real contract is created where the first year base salary is closer to the vet min and the second year is increased.
    • Target Flags
      • This flag (checkbox) lets you know if you're the only one targeting a player in FA.  Which should increase your odds of landing more players each bidding round.
      • You won't know which club or clubs or the contract details, just that if other clubs are targeting.  This applies to UFA/Resign and Reserve bids.

If you guys would like to include anything else, now is the time to let me know.

Official sign up thread will be posted at a later date, however feel free to post any questions or comments in here now.

Should be a good time, looking forward to running it.

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25 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Is this for the keeper or the regular single season TCMD? 

This is the single season version.

I'm still looking at doing the Keeper version, just trying to figure out the best way to start it.  For me to run both I've got to structure the keeper version so that I can use copied workbooks, just with a reduced number of teams (16).  Gotta figure out how to structure it so the bulk events of these two mocks aren't overlapping yet where both drafts are starting at the same time.

I know there was a ton of talk about using a fantasy draft that we picked enter position groups from teams not being used, but to manage these monsters I'd had to rethink these original ideas.  Right now, I'm looking at a 16 team keeper league, that we pick the team we want to start with, then have a 10 - 12 round fantasy draft selecting players from the other 16 teams not assigned an owner.  These will be players currently on irl rosters.  After the snake draft, we'll use the same system as tcmd single season to sign the remaining free agents.  Not exactly what some of you guys were looking for to kick it off but it is what it is and this works for me and the amount of time I can invest.

I think this gives us a back up plan, should we not get 32 members to run the single season version, as we can just shift over to the 16 team version, but the plan is to run them both.

I'm also going to house them both right here in this sub forum...it just feels like home here.


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21 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas Mike.

Looking forward for another year of this mock.

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3 minutes ago, BowserBroncos said:

Merry Christmas Mike.

Looking forward for another year of this mock.

Thanks man.

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Added the following workbooks to the League Office thread. 

Posting workbooks as I build them (keep in mind I'll be pulling player contracts one last time after the superbowl).

League Trade Block

2020 - Draft Board (master workbook)

Unrestricted Free Agency - UFA

Restricted Free Agency / Tender Offer Sheet - RFA

Exclusive Rights Free Agency - ERFA

Practice Squad Listing

Draft Tracker / Fifth Year Option

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2 hours ago, ny92mike said:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


Same to you. Looking forward to it again 

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Okay...So here are copies of what you guys will be using as your personal workbooks, for those familiar with tcmd, other than a fresh coat of paint these aren't much different than what you've used in the past.

I'm going to be out of town for the next few days so @BowserBroncos or if anyone else wants to look them over, I'll be back to answer any questions and get back to work on this stuff.

Team Roster WB

FA Transaction WB

There is a lot of data packed into these workbooks, so take note of the load time it takes to open it up.  Some of the faster machines will open faster than others, but if it's taking too long, I may need to break it up a bit more.

Ignore the titles, as these will eventually become templates.  These workbooks are designed to use and not just view.  You have editing rights to certain cells in these workbooks but to prevent accidental deleting, the workbooks are protected.  So please don't be nervous using them, any harm you could possibly do can be fixed.

So what's in them?

"New York Giants - Official Roster" contains the following data:

  • Rosters from 2020 - 2026
    • This contains contract data and helps you track you cap. 
    • 2020 Roster Sheet
      • You'll be able to edit columns G thru H to change their status and how they were obtained.  Changing this information, will auto adjust your cap and other details.
      • Hyperlinks to other important workbooks or forum threads.
  • Team Depth Chart
    • Based on the scheme you select for either offense or defense will change the position titles.
      • Note:  Still working out the details for this but it is currently set up to work, if you want to test it out.
  • R&E List
    • Based on the player's information, this provides you a list of which players are eligible to be restructured or extended as well as include the tagged player if applicable.
  • Restructure Contract
    • System designed to help you create a valid contract restructure, showing the cap savings and future cost.
  • Extend Contract
    • System to build the contract extension under the guidelines.
    • Includes extending a tagged player, guidelines are slightly different than a reg. extension.
  • Team Trade Block
    • There are two of these one for adding your players to the block and another sheet for including draft picks.
  • Draft Board
    • Use column A to create your own big board.
    • As you build your board, this information is displayed in the "Scouting and Big Board" page.
      • As players are selected the cells will change color.
  • League Trade Block
    • Again there are two of these sheets.  Check here to see which players have been added to the trade block from other teams.  
    • Note:  I'll likely build another sheet, so that you can filter the block by position, PFF value range, etc.
  • Lastly, Draft Order
    • This data is linked to the master draft board so as it is updated, so will this list, marking out names in the draft board sheet allowing you to better track which players are available.
  • Not yet created but I plan to include a sheet that will allow you to quickly weight proposed trades containing draft picks, with the draft pick value chart as well as see the PFF values and contract details of these players.  This should make your job a little easier.

If you think of something else let me know.

This next workbook is called the Free Agency Transaction workbook, all of your bidding, waiver claims, tenders are done in this sheet.  Here is what it contains:

  • Waiver Wire Claim
    • There is a form used for this process too, which is linked at the top of this page.
    • Below the link is linked claim results to the master sheet.
  • Practice Squad Bidding
    • Allows you to bid on players currently coming off PS during the offseason.
    • Sheet is structured so that you know that the offer you submit is error free.
    • There is also a PS listing sheet showing which players are available.
  • ERFA Signing
    • Mark the players you want to retain at the vet min.
  • RFA Listing
    • Assign Tenders to players you wish to retain.
  • Franchise Tag
    • Assign the type of tag and which player.

Note the ERFA, RFA and Tag sheets are really more for tracking your cap automatically.

  • Tag/Tender Offer Sheet Bid
    • Allows you to build a contract for players under the tender or tag.
  • Free Agent Bidding
    • Bid on UFA or attempt to resign players here.
  • FA Reserve Bidding
    • Build reserve contracts that only come into play is another team makes an offer on the player.
    • Because these require another team to make an offer within UFA the cap hit for these aren't included in your cap, until they are officially added to your roster.

Suggest reading the rules for this stuff as it explains the process in better detail.

  • Links to view the available UFA, Tenders and your own FA listing.
  • Pending Contracts
    • This will get linked back to your team roster workbook and/or the team roster for at least years 2020/2021 linked back to this workbook so that you have an exact available cap number.



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I talked about pulling the contract data one last time after the superbowl but because I've got so much to do with these two mocks/sims I'm going to do it at the end of the regular season.


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