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Congrats to the 2019 Bills

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From the other end of Lake Erie, I want to offer my sincere congratulations to the Bills for making the post season this year.

As with all NFL teams, there are always areas of the roster that can be upgraded. But I saw serious progress from earlier in the year. I was watching bits and pieces of the Thanksgiving Day game vs. the overrated and overarrogant Cowboys (loved it!) and then last weekend's game vs. the overly elitist Patriots. The difference that I saw in the Bills from when we (Browns) played them was the growth of QB Josh Allen. 

It seems to me, a 50 year NFL fan, that there isn't a better QB "fit" for his team and city. His accuracy will continue to improve. He certainly has the arm strength to drive the ball as it slices through the wicked late season winds that permeate New Era Field. And when the pass isn't there - he has the legs to make it on his own.

Now go raise some holy hell in the playoffs!

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That Browns loss was a blessing in disguise.

Brian Daboll moved up stairs, the offense started going no huddle and Devin Singletary started getting the ball a lot more. Offense went from avg. 18.5 PPG in the first 9 games to avg. 22 PPG in the last 6 (5 of those games against top 11 Defenses).

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