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GDT Game 16: The Raiders at Home! Nuff said.


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2 minutes ago, BullsandBroncos said:

Would absolutely love a replacement for Bolles in the first round.

What makes me so mad about it is that doing so is gonna cost us a pick that *could* have been used to upgrade a different spot on the line. I’m starting to really hate him. 

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Just now, jolly red giant said:

That single play om its own should see him replaced.


I wouldn't even let him out on the field for the kneel-down if the Broncos get the ball back

Before I thought maybe getting moved to Guard might help him with his holding calls at least. He's such an idiot I don't even want him in a track suit on the sidelines.

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12 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

Good news on the win for all that that means, and I’m not dismissing it. 

We’re going to have the #15 pick in the draft, #15 exactly in the first round, middle of each subsequent round thereafter.


That's more than early enough to land a couple of starting caliber linemen. If we can fix the line, grab a speedy ILB, a legit speed receiver, and get some depth on the interior D-line, we will be a much different team next year. 

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