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Ravens Re-sign Peters to a 3 yr deal

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8 hours ago, Danand said:

We can certainly see how much more "aggressive" Eric DeCosta is when it comes to roster turnover compared to Ozzie's "lets wait and see approach/right player right price".

I think Peters is a risky extension. When there is smoke, there is a fire, and despite his accolades, two organizations have grown tired of him early. Now, players can mature and change, he has played really well so far, he fit what we want to do, but I still feel it is risky.

I wonder what this will mean for Jimmy Smith

This means I'll pray to God that he re-signs in the off-season. I'm thinking EDC will see what the market thinks and the Ravens will get a first right of refusal as Jimmy has stated before he'd like to finish here. I'm hoping it works out that way, too.

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I hope we still resign Jimmy Smith for 2-3 years. I don't know if Brandon Carr will retire, but he is still so damn solid and always available that I wouldn't be surprised to see us keep him. We would still have Humphrey to play that extra safety spot where he can cover and tackle so I don't mind us keeping the secondary as it is with Jefferson being let go/getting an injury settlement and then find another safety/dime type later in the draft.


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