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Week 17: NYJ vs Buffalo

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It might seem simple, but you know what? I'm happy with the "meaingless" win. I've come around in recent years. Win ugly? Win despite looking like crap? I'll take it. I just want us to get to the point where the team expects to win every week, and see us keep getting closer to making that a reality. Good to end on the season with a winning streak.


Things I liked:

  • Only 2 penalties
  • Absolutely loved our drive immediately after their tying field goal. We came out, looked confident, and took the lead right back with a big TD
  • The reverse to Vyncint Smith
  • The team still playing hard in a "meaningless" week 17

Things I didn't:

  • Some of the third down playcalling was atrocious. Wildcat? Have you seen our offensive line? You can't tell them up front that we're running. Never had a chance.
  • The offensive line is so bad at run blocking. Holy cow we get tackled for a loss so many times where the RB has no chance at all
  • All other things aside (and there were plenty), Mac deserved to be fired for causing us a kicking problem we didn't need to endure
  • No real success throwing down the field... though I admit the rain can kill these things a bit sometimes

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Not only has our ol been pathetic,  but we were literally down to starting a Lg and rg who were signed off the street and arent NFL players.

This jets team has been a backup squad most of the year with how many injuries we had.


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