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Week 17 - Rams vs Cardinals


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34 minutes ago, NVRamsFan said:



Sometimes it's hard to keep coming to this forum and participate. 

I dont blame you when there are "the sky is falling" people on a team that is going (9-7) with literally a missed FG and one 3rd and 16 stop away from being (11-5) and in the playoffs in the down season. As I mentioned in another thread, the Saints had a stretch where they went (7-9) 4 out of 5 seasons which included 3 straight (7-9) seasons. They just gave Brees a big contract, kept signing bad free agent after bad free agent to big deals and they werent hitting on their 1st round picks. All I heard was "the sky is falling" for the Saints because the defense was historically bad, the oline wasnt good and the cap situation was a mess. I said as long as the Saints have Brees and Payton they will be fine. They just need to fix the defense some and get somewhat better on the oline and they will be fine. They did exactly that in 2017 and they Saints have got back on track. I just think fans overreact week to week and season to season. You cant get too high when things are going great or too low when things are going terrible. Then there are some who is just waiting for the worst even when things are great or they will never expect things to get better. Ive learned that if an organization has the right structure which is Owner, GM, Coach, QB they will be fine. Rams have an Owner who will give any resource to help the Rams succeed. Les has shown he will do anything to help the Rams succeed. McVay hasnt given me any reason to say he isnt one of the best coaches in the NFL. Goff while he isnt elite he is still a very good QB. Knock him for this season all you want too but under McVay he has been extremely successful so I dont doubt he wont continue to be successful throughout his time with McVay. Players, teams have their ups and downs in the NFL. Heck the Patriots took a step back this season and they had one of the weakest schedules in the NFL. They just lost to the Dolphins at home. The record says they are (12-4) but they certainly didnt play like a (12-4) team and is vulnerable to get beat by the Titans next week. So its not easy to go from the Superbowl to following it up again the next season despite what expectations say. The Rams will be back next season and I want all this energy people are piling on the Rams this season when the Rams are once again having success next season. 

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