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Brushmyhairs First official mock upon the draft order being established

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I'm going to be doing another mock today.

Things to expect

1. Trades

2. Only 1 rd

3. For Danish49ers, your team will be picking later this time. At 30. Because Minnesota doesn't stand a chance this weekend. Still have Seattle beating you in the NFC Championship.



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Posted (edited)
On 12/30/2019 at 2:27 PM, brushmyhair said:

Miami is trying to build a foundation for the real prize, 2021 QB Trevor Lawrence. All those trades have given them the opportunity to do so.

Who is going to protect Lawrence if we are building a foundation?
Not a single OL player taken and a DT with the first pick? Then a WR which we have 4 rock solid ones? i'm not even sold on Okwara in the 1st.
Who let Rick Spielman back in the Miami Draft Room? LOL....

No way, if we lose the ABILITY to draft Tua (which almost seems like a forgone conclusion), do we pass on a far better player in Okudah to pair with X.Howard/depending on his legal status at that point. Or even Wirfs/ORT, for that matter. And at the bottom, we probably wouldn't let Wills slide by either, unless we got a lineman earlier. This is most likely going to be a offensive draft more so than defensive.

I appreciate your time building the mock, but it's just not a viable one for MIA. 

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