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Welcome Chan Gailey

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Our new OC. I'm kinda ehh about. 


One word I heard from players to describe Dolphins offense this season was “complex.” With a lot of young players and a young QB likely coming in, Dolphins seem to be switching away from that Patriot-style offense and toward the spread scheme that Chan Gailey prefers to run.

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I think this hire is more about Fitzpatrick as our starting QB next year than anything else.  Fitz has played under Gailey for multiple seasons ( to impressive results in the Fitzmagical 2015 season with the Jets ).  After this move I am no longer expecting us to target a franchise QB in the 2020 first round, but maybe one falls that we can't pass on.

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,Not exactly a high glamour pick but most likely a solid one. I feel sure there was a reason for this move, Miami did not have to settle for him at this point of the off season so I feel  they must have wanted him. I would say Flores wants the offense to be about execution and not so much about trickery and deception .

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I want us to draft Tua, but no trade up.  We need our other first rounders.  If he's gone by 5 we might look at the Oregon kid, and maybe take a QB later.  I like the Clemson LB at 5 if no Tua.


As for Chan, he's a solid enough OC.  I'm ok with it.

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11 hours ago, Emerica said:

Lots of turnover for a staff that was there just one year.


Chad O'Shea - OC - Gone

Patrick Graham - DC - Gone

Jerry Schuplinsky - QB coach - Gone

Tony Oden - DB Coach - Gone

Dave Deguglielmo - OL Coach - Gone


Agreed, but I am really not sure how many of those guys were settled for instead of the go to guy. I think the lure of the Miami organization is a little stronger this off season then the last one for assistant coaches.

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