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2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 4/23/20


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53 minutes ago, Tetsujin said:

My prediction is BUF trades up for Juedy or Lamb.

Maybe, but I doubt it, now it seems to me they just sit and get either Austin Jackson (if he declares) or Mekhi Becton at OT.  Sure up that OL which is arguably a bigger need and move Ford to his more natural position at OT and get rid of Spain.  Or could keep Ford at OT and move Dawkins to OG, whatever works the OL to me is their biggest need.

Duke Williams greatly impressed yesterday and could be in the works at WR for them and John Brown is a stud and Knox is surprisingly good at TE.  If they get a great talent like Bryan Edwards 2nd round that will be good enough.  



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1 hour ago, Ozzy said:

Yeah the first Mock I did I had them taking Hopkins and that does make a lot of sense, now with Cole Kmet in the draft he would be another option and is a better blocker than Hopkins who is mostly just a receiving TE.  But Wynn I am not sold of as a OT and should be moved to OG but not sure how they would make that work with Mason and Thuney there already.  QB could be a massive need if Tom leaves so Jordan Love becomes almost a must at the QB spot and would be a good pickup.  

Safety could be a massive need also and McKinney late 1st round makes a lot of sense as well.  Chung is not getting any younger.  I have them getting Curtis Weaver and stealing him which to me could make a ton of sense, great value and a need.  Not sure he is a 3/4 OLB but they switch back form 4/3 and 3/4 so much not sure it matters just matters on the personnel.  


They have the best and deepest secondary in the NFL and it is not even close, and none outside of McCourty and Bethel are free agents, and really Bethel did not see the field much because of their great depth at CB.  So they should be fine, but do have some big free agents in Thuney, Van Noy, Collins, Shelton and Roberts outside of Brady it will be interesting what they do with especially at the LB position.

Sleeper pick could be Lynn Bowden, kid is a super star and is crazy tough, could see them stealing him late 1st round and him becoming a great player, or they trade up in the 2nd to take him away from a team which is more likely.  

Anyone of the TE fill a major need. Give me one please :D

Wynn is fine at tackle however I'm not closed to moving him to guard. Thuney is gone. They won't sign him. Mason has big contract. They need a Center, miracle if Biadasz falls  My Fav in the draft. Q Nelson playing Center!  Pats center Andrews to me is done.


Jorden Love 2nd round no way we trade up in 2nd round for him.

All the players that are FA IMO Patriots scheme player.  McCourty stays who care with the rest. Roberts will be cheap. They got Van Noy and Collin for nothing. They will do the same going forward.

Reason.  You might move Wynn.  Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia draft 2019. I have to assume the Pats like him. They also drafted Hjalte Froholdt, Arkansas. 2019.

Good call on Bowden but I don't see it. He fits Pats MO, but still question that early. QB hurts his draft ranking with idiots GM that don't want to risk their jobs.  It the same as MY perfect Pats player.  Laviska Shenault Jr. Colorado JR WR. There is hope cause BB can do anything he wants without  fear of failure. 

McKinney  If I have to! :D

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On 1/5/2020 at 11:27 AM, LinderFournette said:

why on gods earth would we draft 2 safeties when its not even likely we draft 1 in 4 rounds? i kinda could see delpit being argued as BPA but thats it. 

That was an error on my part, when I edit this as much as I have I forget things at times when picks change in a round and I do not go through all the teams picks after the fact.  

Changed it around according to who won and lost this week in the playoffs. I should wait till the Underclassmen all declare though and the playoff ends though.  Mind you Delpit might be a mistake for them that high but will see how he times and how he plays against Clemson.  Winfield might arguably be a better player and in the right system long term could play the slot corner position if asked.   

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not terrible for the Lions.


Isaiah Simmons is one of the best overall players of this draft. and LB is a need for the Lions. Would like to think the Lions could trade down a few spots while still getting him and add a pick but cannot argue the player at all.

Great 2nd round pick.

3rd rd pick is not a player I've watched a ton of so I cannot rate the player, but I applaud the position addressed.

it breaks my heart that you have Shane Lemieux falling to the 4th rd and getting drafted one pick before my Lions. He's one of m favorite players in this draft for my team.


Kudos overall though.

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21 minutes ago, Suffering_Bills said:

You've got Kenneth Murray and Justin Jefferson going quite a bit too low, methinks

It all depends on team needs and I would take Lynn Bowden Jr over Justin Jefferson all day.  Sure some might say Jefferson could be a 1st round pick but to who?  He is not better than Higgins, and if he gets past Phili then Buffalo, New England, New Orleans, Minnesota, Miami, Seattle, Baltimore, Tennessee, Green Bay, Kansas City and San Fran do not really need receivers that high.  Maybe New Orleans but I think they got CB or DB over a WR based on the free agents they have coming up.  I have Buffalo getting one later and same with New England and Green Bay.

I had Harrison fall a little so if he falls then Murray is below him because Harrison I have as a better LB.  And Uche fits the Jets as a 3/4 edge rusher which Murray is not.  



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36 minutes ago, Daniel said:

Edge rusher makes sense for the Titans, but I don't think they'd spend an early pick on a TE unless they were just too good to pass up.  In the second, Diggs seems more likely, but it could happen.  Good selections overall.

Yeah Isaiah Wilson or another OT for the Titans 2nd round makes sense if they do not resign Conklin.  I think edge rushing is a huge need for that team to be a better defense, Correa is good but nothing great, need someone opposite Landry.  Uche would be the ideal but probably not worth a 1st rounder, but maybe Weaver could work but I do question him a little as a 3/4 OLB but maybe they change the scheme to more of a 4/3 or a multiple defense.  

TE I think over time they move on from Smith and I assume Delanie Walker retires so TE could be a need, especially for such a run heavy team I think.  

CB could be a need sure if they do not resign Ryan but no clue why they would not.  They will have some big pay days though if they do resign guys with Henry getting way more than what he is now, along with maybe Conklin or Ryan not to mention Tannehill.  

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1 hour ago, Ozzy said:

TE I think over time they move on from Smith and I assume Delanie Walker retires so TE could be a need, especially for such a run heavy team I think.  

CB could be a need sure if they do not resign Ryan but no clue why they would not.  They will have some big pay days though if they do resign guys with Henry getting way more than what he is now, along with maybe Conklin or Ryan not to mention Tannehill.  

Jonnu Smith has been good down the stretch, so I expect him to be the TE1 of the future, with MyCole Pruitt and Anthony Firkser as backups.  Not a big need, even with Walker gone.

The reason they may be needing a CB is because they can't afford all of the free agents coming up.  Derrick Henry, Jack Conklin, and Logan Ryan are all up, as are a lot of important backup players (Dennis Kelly, Wesley Woodyard, Leshaun Sims, etc.), and there's the whole re-signing Tannehill thing.  They can free up some space cutting Walker and Wake, but probably not much.

Titans drafts will probably be all over the place until they figure out the free agent situation.

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46 minutes ago, johndeere1707 said:

Would much rather have Justin Jefferson or Kenneth Murray/Patrick Queen for Cincy in round 2



In fact, I'd personally go


3.  Isaiah Wilson

4.  Mims, Queen or Divinity


That said, all of the picks make sense and match needs.  My real hope is that we get a couple of starting LBs in free agency, then OT and WRs in rounds 2-4.

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You started off extremely strong for the falcons then completely fell of a cliff in the last few picks my guy :D


kinlaw is a home urn every single time in that situation

antoine im not actually against either at safety depending on what we do there with neal, rico, and kazee. 

Eno you already know im not a fan of in the 2nd round we already discuessed that before im pretty sure of.  IN THE 4th round i would settle for him but in the 2nd round i want a better player than that and preferably a bigger back. 

I do got a question on Jon Runyan though as i haven't done much research on him at all.  Is he a strict OT at the next level or does he look more like he will be a legit OG.  If he is expected to be a OT then he is a bad pick but if he can be a LG im not against him.  I think the better pick there would be the guy going right after that pick in Harris who would be Macks replacement either this offseason or next at center and can for sure do OG for 1 season next to mack to learn from him.

and then the worst pick in the draft for us the WR which we have absolutely 100% zero need for at this point we are outstanding at WR.  We were solid enough 1 to 4 that we could trade Sanu and not miss a beat.    Julio, Ridley, Gage, Hardy, Oz, and Blake are more than fine at that position when we have legit other needs to be looked at like OLB and DE. 


Im actually a little confused how come you didn't draft 1 edge rusher or de for us when it's our #1 need in the entire draft.   What plans do you have for us here im sorta interested in seeing what you think we are gonna do at this spot.

This would be mine in your mock scenario at each pick for the falcons.

1st - Kinlaw - DT - Love this pick with who's available can never go wrong with him here.
2A - Kenny Willekes - DE - Not sure why he isn't in your mock he is a player i think is going to do well like a winovich type of player from last year. 
2B - Zack Moss RB - He is a bigger back than Eno and imo a much better back he is the 4th best RB in this class now. 
3rd - Nick Harris -  C - Macks future replacement and can help at LG this year untill he takes over next year or so for mack.  Unless mack is a cap casualty this year then he starts
4th - Julian Okwara  - DE - I might not like him in round 1 where people kept giving him to us earlier. But in round 4 he's well worth the chance and a steal.


Hit the trenches hard and get us a bit of a bigger rb with more talent.   Would look at OLB, Safety, and CB in the next few rounds for depth or potential upside starters.   Would not even attempt to look at QB, WR,  OT, or TE right now unless hooper ends up leaving then i would check a TE out depending on FA.

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Chris Orr in the third? Don’t get me wrong, I like him but I don’t think analysis/teams do as I’m pretty sure he wasn't even invited to a post season Bowl...but I could be wrong. Usually when seniors aren’t invited to one of the three bowls it’s not a good sign.

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