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Outlaw's Mock Off-Season - New Year / New Direction


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Folks, I figured to end 2019 with the vision for 2020.



After a tearful goodbye, Jason Garrett is no longer the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry and Co. are left reevaluating how to achieve what they so crave - another championship. An exhaustive search is done. From commentators, to college-rank-coaches, to players, to front office guys. Everyone is evaluated and their brains poked and prodded to find the right combination.

True to his word, Jerry brings about change.


Dallas Cowboys announce Nick Saban as their Head Coach, Five Year Deal worth $75 Million.

Jerry & Co. bust open the checkbook and make sure to grab every headline for 2020. More than doubling Saban's current deal - and far exceeding Gruden's top contract at 10Million Per year, they give Saban 15M to bring back championships to Dallas.

Saban's First Words To Dallas:

"I am excited to Coach such a historic Franchise. Let's get to work to bring back another Championship.

*Staff Hires Begin*

Coaching Staff:

  • Head Coach: Nick Saban (Alabama)
    • Assistant Head Coach: Mike Mularkey  (Falcons)
      • Offensive Coordinator: Kellen Moore (Cowboys)
        • Quarterbacks Coach: Jon Kitna (Cowboys)
        • Running Backs Coach: Gary Brown (Cowboys)
        • Wide Receivers Coach: Holmon Wiggins (Alabama)
        • Tight Ends Coach: Jason Witten (Player)
        • Offensive Line Coach: Marc Colombo (Cowboys)
      • Defensive Coordinator: Stephen Belichick (Patriots)
        • Defensive Line Coach: Brian Baker (Alabama)
        • Linebacker Coach: Pete Golding (Alabama)
        • Secondary Coach: Mike Pellegrino (Patriots)
      • Special Teams Coordinator: Bobby Williams (Oregon)
      • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Scott Cochran (Alabama)

Saban, at the behest of his old-friend and protegee (Garrett), keeps most of the Offensive Coaches together for cohesion - but defense required a new makeover. Saban taps his old friend's son to become the leader of the defense adding the brain-trust from Alabama and New England. For special teams, Saban taps his longtime assistant to run the unit.

Jerry and Co. make one final move, giving Will McClay the title he has earned, General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys.


First thing, Saban coordinates with McClay and takes full stock of impending roster. Who stays, who goes, who is re-signed.



  • Dak Prescott, QB - Long Term Deal
  • Amari Cooper, WR - Long Term Deal (He's excited to play for his college coach, Saban)
  • Michael Bennert, DL - Short Term Deal
  • Robert Quinn, DE - Short Term Deal
  • Sean Lee, LB - Short Term Deal
  • Byron Jones, CB - Long Term Deal

Free Agents:

  • A.J. McCarron, QB
  • David Njoku, TE


*The Cowboys get a 5th Round Draft Compensation Pick for Cole Beasley*

  1. 1st Round (17) – 17th -- Grant Delpit, S, LSU
  2. 2nd Round (19) – 51st -- Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma
  3. 3rd Round (18) – 82nd -- Jabari Zuniga, DE, Florida
  4. 4th Round (17) – 122nd -- Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri
  5. 5th Round (19) – 156th -- Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest
  6. 5th Round Comp (2)- 180th -- Ezra Cleveland, OL, Boise State
  7. * 6th Round (18) – 199th – Traded to Miami Dolphins for Robert Quinn
  8. 7th Round (17) – 233rd -- Bryce Perkins, QB, Virginia
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2 minutes ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

My biggest regret is not taking a WR in this very deep draft. Probably should have slid one in at round 2 or 3. 

That would be my only complaint with the draft. Though with the class being deep, surely someone will slide into UDFA status that would be worth picking up. 

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4 hours ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

My biggest regret is not taking a WR in this very deep draft. Probably should have slid one in at round 2 or 3. 

Solid draft. Be interested to see what we do if Kinlaw were to fall to 17 with Delpit on the board, but Delpit fills a big hole. Maybe a WR as you said.  Re Saban.  Gotta make the call but I think he's comfortable.  Nothing will surprise me though.

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What happened to Bama DL Craig Kuligowski? Could have swore he was hired there last year? 

I find it just about impossible to get on board with Delpit. Maybe that changes over the course of next few months, but a team with tackling issues, doesn’t need more.

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