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Happy New Years everyone!

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Another decade has gone by and this organization still doesn't have anything to show for it after 34 YEARS! When will it end...

Once every decade, the folks at Halas Hall will bless us with the occasional hanging of "hope" over our heads for 1 or 2 consecutive years, like the best-cooked steak we ever had that always seems to get taken away at the last minute, only to be left very disappointed because of poor choices by the staff.

And by the time "they" realize the real problems are, it's already too late because the core talent that we did have has either regressed due to poor coaching, or age or because of "their" failures as talent evaluators to begin with regarding both staff and players, alike.

After that, it's back to the bottom barrel. Back to the same barrel with THE SAME 4 constants to blame

  1. The McCaskey's and Ted.
  2. The wrong GM was chosen by McCaskey and Ted.
  3. The wrong staff selected by the wrong GM.
  4. The wrong QB was chosen by all of the above--who they decide to draft, trade, &/or keep as a starter.

Halas is rolling over in his grave watching this atrocity that we call "Bears football" for the last 35 years. 

During his time, George Halas set the gold standard on how to properly operate a football team. A gold standard that stood for decades and is still recognized today. His vision was well ahead of his time, and that vision not only led to the success of the team but also played a pivotal role in helping create a 15 billion dollar industry and become the most popular sport in the country. He knew how to manage his staff, evaluate players, develop talent, and design schemes built around all of this. He would even go as far as to helping other teams by giving them talent. 

Since then we have all witnessed just how bad things can get when the wrong people, make the wrong decisions, at the worst times. Yes, staff, I'm talking to you. It's been happening since the '70s and it continues to happen today.

Once every decade, we have a roster that looks likes it's heading in the right direction and it always ends up getting butchered because of either poor decisions by the staff and/or their lack of ability to properly develop players.

Let's look at just how much all of these poor decision has cost us over the years.


  • We should have won 2 consecutive Super Bowls but didn't because of Ditka's egotistical decision to start Rudy...I mean Flutie...in the '86 playoffs (That and the dirty fudge Packers hit on McMahon).
  • We should have also won in '87 but was again derailed by injuries and poor play-calling that led to a 2nd consecutive one and done in the playoffs to the same Gibbs led team after being out-coached.

The roster was good enough to compete in the early '90s and was only missing a few key players. QB included. But all of these poor decisions would eventually lead to the Bears becoming a laughing stock for nearly a decade, (and I didn't even get into the poor drafting, trades, and terrible contracts. This regime wasted talents such as; Minter, Conway, Harris, and Flanigan.)

  • Ditka was canned (long overdue) <<< 1 good decision
  • McCaskey promotes Ted.
  • McCaskey hires Stedt to be the GM and HC (It made no sense then, and makes even less sense now)
  • Stedt hires who would soon become the worst OC in the history of the franchise--Turner!
  • Ted mismanages the money and puts us in a bind for years to come.
  • McCaskey and Stedt butchers the roster.
  • McCaskey, Ted and Stedt pay Harbaugh top QB money.
  • McCaskey and Stedt release Harbaugh one year later.
  • Still no QB.
  • Still whiffing on several draft picks
  • McCaskey promotes Graves, despite all of his shortcomings (see a pattern here)
  • McCaskey, Ted, and Graves trade away a #1 pick for Mirer and pay him top QB money
  • McCaskey and Stedt release Mirer after one year. Played 8 games.
  • Stedt wants to leave after a few years (THANK GOD) but McCaskey talks him into staying and gives him more money!?! 
  • McCaskey and Stedt thought it was a good idea to use a 2nd round pick on a freaking cocky *** Punter.
  • Said cocky Punter was bullied in the locker room and was sent packing after 5 years.

2000-2009 (The age of good 'ole JA)

Defensive minded coach Jauron is hired and thrown into a disastrous state. Stedt, Turner, and Graves are all gone, but McCaskey still has his hands in the daily operations and Hatley was still employed. 

In just one year, Jauron turned a complete mess into a good, young defense by hitting on players in two drafts that included Zoom in the 5th, Colvin in the 4th, Urlacher in the 1st and Brown in the 2nd.  He also went on a free agency shopping spree by obtaining R-Dub, Philip Daniels, and signing vets like Washington and Traylor as stopgaps.

Things were finally looking good after a 13-3 season in 2001. Except, for the same old mistakes made by the staff that would eventually lead to just 1 Super Bowl appearance and no trophy.

  • Still no QB. 1st round prick (misspelled on purpose), McCown, turned out to be a bust instead of "the next Jim McMahon" that McCaskey and Hatley thought he was.
  • Still whiffing on several draft picks
  • McCaskey and Ted were still mismanaging money
  • Makes Philip Daniels the richest Bears player in history, despite him only having one solid year and a 1 good one.
  • Jauron lost control of the locker room.
  • Lovie is hired (good move)
  • McCaskey and Lovie bring back the worst OC in the history of the franchise
  • Rex was injured every year earlier on and so the staff holds out hope, year after year.
  • "Rex is our QB".
  • Rex was trash
  • Orton goes 10-5 and gets benched in favor of Grossman one game before the playoffs.
  • McCaskey and JA draft Benson in the 4th despite already having Jones on the roster.
  • McCaskey and JA pay Nathan Vasher like a top corner after just 1 solid year and 1 good one.
  • McCaskey and JA waste ~25 million dollars to sign a troubled Manning to play nickel when Lovie's defense was primarily ran out of a base.
  • Berrian had 30 starts at WR which is 30 more than he should have had.
  • McCaskey and JA extend Turner because his run, run, pass offense was so potent 
  • McCaskey and JA trade the farm for a QB (who was not as good as his stats indicated in Denver) despite not having a good OC, or OL, or receivers, and an aging defense.


  • Micheal McCaskey steps down (Hurrahh).
  • JA sign an aging Mike Martz in hopes of recreating the GSOT 
  • Offense goes from run, run, pass to pass, pass, pass and Forte is confused
  • Jamarcus Webb, Chris Williams, and Omiyale were all starters at one point and Tice thought this was a good idea.
  • "Jay is our QB" 
  • JA thought trading Olsen away for a 3rd round pick was a good idea. We haven't had a good TE since.
  • Still whiffing on several draft picks
  • Still no QB.
  • JA hires the robot Phil Emery
  • Emery fires Lovie after an 11 win season
  • Emery hires CFL robot Marc Trestman
  • Emery treats legends Urlacher and Briggs like crap
  • .....then drafts linebacker busts such as McClellin and Bostic
  • Trestman loses the locker room.
  • Ryan Pace is hired
  • Pace hires the old Fox
  • Fox hires the 2nd worst OC in franchise history.
  • Offense goes from run-run-pass to pass-pass-pass back to run-run-pass
  • Pace refuses to let go of hope on Kevin White
  • Pace trades up one spot to draft Trubisky
  • Pace signs long neck to a rediculous contract
  • Fox stops caring
  • Fans are depressed
  • Pace hires Nagy and fans are excited
  • The team goes 12-4 behind a historic defense
  • Fans have high hopes of winning a title
  • The offensive "genius" flops in his 2nd year with poor play-calling and game plans but some fans blame it on the QB (for whatever reason)
  • Still no QB.
  • Fans are left depressed again

Happy Holidays everyone.......




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Well Bears fans, its a new year. But still the same start to the new year... in our offseason.




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11 minutes ago, Sugashane said:

Well Bears fans, its a new year. But still the same start to the new year... in our offseason.




A much more agreeable post than that horrorshow JAF laid out for us. I mean, holy flirking shnit! :S

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