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Playoff Pick 'Em Game!

vike daddy

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i'll host the scoring compilation for this one, gents.

just like our regular season Pick 'Em Game, you cut and paste the weekend's games and bold the team in the matchups you feel will win, assigning them what we call confidence points. however, points allowed to wager on grow each week, doubling from the week before.



Standings after Championships Week:

126 VIKINGS101011 (7-3)
124 VikeManDan (6-4)
122 vike daddy (6-4)
118 Viking734 (6-4)
116 Uncle Buck (6-0)
116 DisplacedViking (5-5)
94 SteelKing728 (6-4)
86 french t0ast (4-6)
86 Nozizaki (4-6)
64 Hyperborean (1-1)
56 marshpit23 (5-5)
40 Criminal Mind (2-4)
24 swede700 (4-4)
2 Robbroy45 (1-3)

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46 minutes ago, Uncle Buck said:

Just thought I'd let you know that you have two games listed at 4 points.  :)

Couldn’t bring myself to pick 2 for the Vikings. I wanna believe an 8 for the Vikes ( a two seems anticlimactic ;). So, I’ll pick Houston for two. Thanks for the reminder, I would have forgotten to change my level of confidence. 

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