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2020 off season

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I feel this should be a semi re-building year.  We are not close to the playoffs but have a bright spot at QB, thus all the o-line protection.  We need to get some long term players in the draft at positions of need.  No more of drafting best player available, we need to fill positions on the field!!!!


  • Cut
    • Trumaine Johnson
    • Avery Williamson
    • Brian Winters
  • re-sign our players if contracts are reasonable
    • B Poole
    • Copeland
    • Compton
    • J Jenkins
    • Burgess (RFA)
    • D Thomas
    • Hewitt
    • Fickens (ERFA)
    • Luvu (ERFA)
  • Draft need
    • OT/O-Line multiple
    • CB
    • Edge
    • WR - later in the draft
  • Sign cheap second tier free agent like below to short contracts reasonable priced
    • OG - Thuney
    • OG - Glaslow
    • OT - Buluga
    • CB - A Talib
    • CB - Eli Apple
  • sign Jamal Adams to the big deal he's going to get 6yr/$90 w/ $45 guaranteed
  • try and trade a second round pick for Trent Williams



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