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What About Doug Williams ?


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I think they stay until after the draft and then the front office will be evaluated and Rivera will make the changes he wants to make.

I’ve heard that he wants to bring Morocco Brown in to be the GM. I hope if that happens that some of the guys we have who are doing a good job remain like Kyle Smith with college scouting. 

I think Doug Williams could remain as someone who’s in the room and who’s opinion is asked of but he’ll basically just be a figurehead.

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6 hours ago, Woz said:

Does Washington need "Flimsy Paper Blame Shield for Allen" if Allen is no longer with the franchise?

No, but I don’t see Dan Snyder firing Doug Williams and it’s not our money, it’s Dan’s money. If he wants to keep a figurehead front officer person bc he’s an ex-player and he likes him and that guy doesn’t interfere with what Rivera and others are doing building the team, I have no problem with Doug being kept.

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