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Hypothetical trade: Redskins & Broncos


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We are having Prelimary trade talks at the moment. We would like to get a feel for what your interest might be in a player.

We are interested in trading you OLB/DE Ryan Kerrigan to you.

We understand, you guys have (3) 3rd round draft choices. Specifically,  #15, #18 &#31 in the 3rd round.

We would like to trade you Pro Bowler Ryan Kerrigan for any of the (2) 3rd rounders you currently have.

You are welcome to make a counter offer, if you have interest, but unsure of the price.

Good luck & hope we can do business on this (hypothetical) trade.


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Easy pass.   Kerrigan is 31, and a 1-year contract left at 11.5M before hitting UFA.   DEN's movement is about youth, and we're not yet 1-player away contenders.

DEN probably wouldn't even do it for a single 3rd.  2 is dreaming.    This scenario is less likely than the "Guice is running for 2K yards in 2019" thread.   

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I don't see the need nor fit for Kerrigan. Doesn't seem to have the size for a 3-4 DE in Fangio's scheme, we already have Chubb, Von, Reed, Attachou and Holland at OLB so it doersn't seem like the fit is there, even hypothetically. And as Broncofan pointed out, we're looking for youth, Kerrigan is already 31, makes more money than his productional worth and isn't worth 2 #3's even if he did make the NFC Pro Bowl (which seems more on name than production).

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If you were talkin' Scherff or Williams we'd have stuff to chat about. 

OLB? Not a chance. IMO the strongest deepest position on the roster. Who exactly would he replace as a starter, Von Miller or Bradley Chubb? Got some really good backups also.


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