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Ok I'm starting to get ticked off about the ridiculous comments concerning BB.

1. Ex players making negative comment that are foolish.

" Asante Samuel hates how the Patriots treat players, saying Tom Brady was why it worked"  This fool has no idea what 20 years of success mean when you have a frigging CAP.  Yes Brady was a major reason for the success however it was also BB management that had a team in the position for 20 years. Without the surrounding cast, Brady would not of been in position to win all those SBs.  Just think of some of the Pats teams didn't make the SB they were all playoff teams with a chance at winning. Just look at other team in the Cap era. Aron Rogers and Payton Manning, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees  they all are great however they never reach even close to what the Pats accomplish. Why they didn't have BB managing their team. So to all the Ex Pats, shut the hell up and enjoy your rings.

2. BB would not be a great coach if it wasn't for Tom Brady. Duh, no crap.

That can be said with any other coach in history. Walsh had Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Chuck Noll had HOF-ers on both side of the ball. Don Shula had Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas. Vince Lombardi had a whole team of stars with no Caps restrictions and Tom Landry had Roger  Staubach and Tony Dorsett.  Patriots won the SB six times in 20 year how many did the other win with great players. Crickets! 

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