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Playoff Week 2: Houston at Arrowhead

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19 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

The strangest thing about the whole game is that the ST let us down--blocked punt, muffed punt, missed extra point. Without those two TDs, it's 51 - 17.


They redeemed themselves for sure

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7 hours ago, KC_Guy said:

Just saw the snap counts.

Dirty Dan: ALL plays on defense … plus 29 on ST … and he's not the kicker but running down the field (unless blowing up fake punts or causing fumbles).


WOW … he earned his year's salary worth in that one game.

He was a huge X-Factor. I really like how Spags has used our DBs, across the board. With Sutton it felt like each DB's weaknesses really stood out. He put them in the logical spot (Dan in the box, Parker deep, etc.,) but he couldn't keep them from matchups to exploit the crap out of them. It feels like Spags has managed to both cover up their limitations while still letting their strengths shine through. Dan can play all the snaps and you never see him unexpectedly stuck on Will Fuller in man coverage. That kind of thing. Breeland, Ward, Fenton, Mathieu, Fuller, Sorensen, Thornhill, and even Watts now all seem like they've been maximized this season.

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