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Divisional Round: Baltimore Ravens (14-2) vs Tennessee Titans (10-7)

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40 minutes ago, RavensTillIDie said:

If you guys want to be depressed all over again....



My goodness!!! Literally everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

It really is infuriating. The entire game and the 1st half in particular was just never-ending sliding doors moments. Really feels like if literally just one of those big plays that was missed was converted instead, we go on to win that game. Look at this crap:

If Roberts makes that catch, then it's 14-7 with 3 quarters left to go and the crowd is back into it, not to mention with that game script we hopefully get back to running the ball a little more. The entire mood of the team and stadium changes after a big play like that and you get the sense all we needed was one of them to really settle down. But instead we just got more and more deflated as the game went on because the missed opportunities were so readily evident. 

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