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Old Mocks (Brag Space)


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It's mock season, and I found this interesting.

During a 2010 mock draft (the year of Suh), I had the Lions trading down and coming up with the following haul:

1.7. Russell Okung - LT - Oklahoma State
2.2. Everson Griffen - DE - Southern Cal
2.6. Devin McCourty - CB - Rutgers
3.13. Geno Atkins - DT - Georgia
4.13. Darrell Stuckey - S - Kansas
5.7. Deji Karim - RB - Southern Illinois
7.7. Kelton Tindal - WR - Newberry
7.13. Alex Parsons - OG - Southern Cal

Now, I've had some terrible mocks over the years (one involving trading 2 1sts and 2 2nds to move up for Kalil), but that one is truly magnificent.

Anyone else have any good (or bad) mocks to discuss?

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3 minutes ago, Typical_Lions said:

I think nearly all of us wanted Aaron Donald in that year's mock:)

Aaron Donald's draft was a few years later, and this board was absolutely smitten over him. (It's still quite painful to think we chose Ebron over him...)

There was also quite a bit of love for JJ Watt during his draft, LionsFTW even starting a thread in support of him. This board has gotten it right many times over the years.

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1 hour ago, BZski said:

I wanted Christian McCaffery and was told he was a "great white hype" bust that will never make it the NFL.

I also said Brian Cushing would be a better LB than Aaron Curry.

Oh my... Aaron Curry. What a name. Completely forgot about the football legend that is Aaron Curry.

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