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The Search for a GM

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Paton was right to take his name out of the running, if he got the sense that everyone wasn't all in on him.  That is what the interview process is for.  He clearly values stability and the Browns have been a chaos factory.  If the Browns want to get this right, everyone in the building have to trust each other.  Getting the Browns into a winning situation is no easy task and takes patience.  You can't get better and expect that every move, ( in the draft, free agents, and coach selections) are going to work. (The 49ers, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, took Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster in the 1st round of 2017 before getting it right with Nick Bosa in 2019.  They also went 6-10 and 4-12 in the prior two seasons to this years 13-3 )  Strong organizations work through problems and fix them over time. (Ozzie drafted and signed some dud qbs before getting Joe Flacco and Lamar.  Anyone remember Kyle Boller, and Jeff Blake?)  

Haslam is the big problem because when the tough times come, he doesn't give his team time to fix the problems.  He fires people and brings in a new team with new philosophies and core beliefs.  Neither the Sashi nor the Dorsey regimes were given time to correct their mistakes.  If people in the building (i.e. the Haslams) love Andrew Berry, (he seems to be the only one to get out of the building with his NFL reputation in tact) they should go with him, because he will have a trust factor that most if not all, bar Depodesta, have not been able to develop or maintain. There will be missteps there always are, but the Haslams have to let people correct their mistakes and build success over time.

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2 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:


Would be epic if Berry turned down the job....

maybe JW will step up and tell paw paw Jimmy that he can handle it.?

Paton musta been too much "football guy" and not enough "nerd" for Depo's liking.


Depo:  I think we should hire Berry

Jimmy:  What are we gonna tell Kevin?  He has his heart set on Paton

Depo:  Tell him we really like him, and bring him in for a second interview, but then we throw a bunch of nonsense at Paton, and he just withdraws his own name.

Jimmy:  Good idea...how'd you get so smart?  You did that "school thing" didn't ya?

Depo:  Uhhhhh, I guess you could say that.

JW:  But paw paw...I done told ya I can do that GM thingamajig.

Jimmy:  I know JW, but Mr. Depodesta here is real smart....

JW: Maaaaaaaaaaaan....this sucks

Jimmy:  Don't worry...I will let ya make the first pick this year.

JW: Geeeeee.....thanks paw paw Jimmy

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