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Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

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  • Jimmy Smith – still a great cornerback and doesn’t rely on his speed, could convert to safety/play on a snapcount allowing Humphrey to stay outside (2-3 year deal)
  • Levine – I see him all the time on special teams as the first guy to get to the ballcarrier. Also a versatile option on the defense and leader on ST (2-3 year deal)
  • McPhee – Our best edge until he went down with injury. Should play on a snap count, but still good versatile option and leader (1-2 year contract)
  • Bynes – Would be fine even as a backup. A heady player who should have a chance to compete in TC (1 year veteran contract)
  • Ward – Was a silent contributor and still has some potential (2-3 year deal)
  • Carr – Being available is his strongest asset. Played his best against the Steelers and can play inside, outside, blitz and deep. Let him play out his contract
  • Peko – 1 year veteran deal so we have some beef in case Mack doesn’t improve
  • Skura – Lock him up now for 3-4 years and at worst we have an average center that gives us an opportunity to replace him if someone emerge

Folks on the fence

  • Matthew Judon – Played his best this year but was that enough to warrant a big contract as he wants? I don’t think so, but if he accepts a less than top 10 contract, we should give it to him
  • Peanut – We found his role and it is not the starting spot. Can still play ST and a rotational role (2-3 year contract)

Let 'em walk

  • Jefferson – Didn’t play up to his salary, although I feel he was victimized a bit too much. Too expensive and coming off major injury
  • Pierce – We need something else in the middle to provide but run stopping and pass rush ability, contract compared to what he could net in comp pick put him in this group
  • Roberts – Not bad, but we should want more from our receiving core and find a cheaper option with more upside in the draft
  • Moore – Never emerged and not even a returner anymore
  • DAT – Didn’t do enough, also had some stupid penalties, w eshould be able to upgrade
  • Ellis – Seems like the guy you bring in when you don’t have other options

Players to target in FA

  • Emmanuel Ogbah – Could be a transitional figure if he falls out of favor in Cleveland.
  • Carl Nassib – Solid and underestimated in my opinion. Could have a Jihard Ward impact
  • Yannick Ngakoue – the big signing that would help us a lot with our pass rush
  • AJ Green – the guy that would give us a little bit of everything, could be cheap if Bengals makes a larger turnaround

Players to target in the draft

  • Yetur Gross-Matos
  • Tyler Biadasz
  • Curtis Weaver
  • Darrell Taylor
  • Netane Muti
  • Lloyd Cushenberry
  • Josh Uche
  • Ross Blacklock

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So after looking at some salary Info.. I’m going back on my thoughts of keeping TJ..


Yanda retires: 7 mill savings 

Cut Jefferson: 7 mill savings 

Decline Carr: 6 mill savings 

Currently I see us sitting around 34 million in cap.. an extra 20 gives us the ammo to really explore some options. No I don’t expect ya on big names as we landed Earl last year. But plenty of money to find our kind of players & possibly 1 nice splash veteran. AJ Green is likely a 1-2 year deal. Could see the ravens willing to 3 years

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