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Broncos hire Pat Shurmur as OC

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7 hours ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Good OC.

Bad HC, but good OC.  Solid hire.

I feel like this is the fundamental problem teams have had to deal with these days.


You have your good HC guys...but they absolutely need quality coordinators around them.  Yet it's pretty much impossible to keep these guys from being "poached".  So your "good coordinator" becomes a HC somewhere else and flames out almost immediately.  Goes back to being a good coordinator on one side of the ball for another someone else.

They've just become such distinct jobs.  Especially when it comes to the guy on the opposite side of the ball from whatever your HC is.  It always feels like as long as you've got an "okay" HC...you're better off making a run with a pair of great OC/DC guys or something.  It's weird.  As though the league doesn't seem able to sort out who is really suited to being that Head Coach at the head of the table...and who are better off just sticking with their Xs and Os.

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13 hours ago, Broncofan said:

2 years ago, your OL got decimated and had injuries after a great 2017 unit-wise.   And you lost an all-world OL coach in TC with Tony Sparano's tragic death.  So the 2018 drop from top 10 OL play in 2017 to bottom 10 was understandable.   But injuries didn't cripple the team in 2019, it was lack of progress  (or worse, regression) that I saw.   And that's exactly what happened in DEN with Dennison in his 2015-7 years with Kubiak's 2nd tour in DEN.

I get MIN's historically had OL issues - but your OL play was great in 2017, and Sparano was a huge reason for that.   His absence and injuries in 2018 explain the drop then.   2019, though, your guys didn't improve with experience, and that's really on Dennison (unless your guys drafted in 2018 have zero talent - but given what happened in DEN from 2015-7, with our gradual but clear decline in OL play, I'd be in the camp that Dennison is part of the problem, not part of the solution there).

Really great point I'm glad you brought up. I always think the silent key to the Patriots dynasty has been Dante Scarnecchia coaching their O-Line for 17 years of their run. I agree that the coaching has been sub par for the O-Line in Minnestoa. It's very obvious when you look at a lot of the technique the linemen use. It's a small mircale Brian O'Neil has turned out so well, despite being so raw coming out and having Dennison coach him.

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15 hours ago, vikingsrule said:

Definitely agree with you here. I would think that Clint could get a serious look, but Dennison needs to go. The OL is still very bad. The only bright spot is Brian O’Neill. Bradbury might be okay in the future but he was underwhelming as a rookie.

Could see Jason Garrett possibly getting a look in MN. He’s a Parcells guy just like Zimmer.

I never thought of that, but I wouldn't mind at all if we brought The Clapper on in some capacity - as long as it's not as the head coach.

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