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ESPN Prepared To Make Tony Romo Highest-Paid Sportscaster In History


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On one hand, Romo absolutely deserves it, as he has single handedly established himself as the GOAT broadcast analyst in just a few short seasons.  


On the other hand, I want him to put up a big fat middle finger to ESPN and everything they stand for today, and take a huge dump in the booth without ever having broadcast a game in it.


Do the right thing Romo..

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1 hour ago, BaltimoreTerp said:

I'm assuming this would be for both ESPN and ABC, right? Because that level of investment only really makes sense if Disney is planning on bidding big for a piece of the Sunday afternoon rights which would presumably be on ABC rather than ESPN. 

I hope this happens and they start to get better games. they should nab up kevin Harlan to pair up with Romo


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7 hours ago, pigsooie5 said:

I still have no clue why Jay Cutler doesn’t get in on this. He’s be perfect

Apparently he was quite lazy/unprepared a couple years ago when he tried to get into broadcasting. And then the Dolphins picked him up.

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is he only calling NFL? If so, not a bad pay day for 5 months work :P

I don't know why many hate on Booger, I like his style, a bit different and all is good fwiw . Is Booger staying on that team as well?

Jim Nance will have to find another fellow pats fan to call games withxD. Maybe simms will return

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7 hours ago, SkippyX said:

When Romo knows where the offense is going but the defensive coaches don't... that's good broadcasting.

Best case is that ESPN offers him a bunch of money and CBS matches it.

Wait till Peyton's in the booth.  He'll be calling out offensive audibles being called before they even happen.

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