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Uncle Buck

How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

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2 hours ago, SkippyX said:

The Bubby Brister would have taken us to glory angle is not an argument I see too often.

Also, the Patriots annihilated the Steelers on special teams in the 2001 AFCCG with a punt return and a blocked FG. I'm not sure that counts as being outcoached,

As a playoff QB, Slash Stewart makes Andy Dalton look good.

I hear ya (on the Bubby argument), but in that game, Neil was awful. And, while the Pats did annihilate them, that does come back to Cowher. He never really seemed to care too much about the special teams, and in that game, they let them down.

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On 1/13/2020 at 1:44 PM, PapaShogun said:

That's his fault for not finding a capable starter at QB for a decade plus. Don't understand why he should get credit for not having solved a problem. Cower was a great coach, but came up short so many times in the spotlight. The 1994 AFC Championship, the 1995 Super Bowl, 1997 AFC Championship, 2001 AFC Championship, and 2004 AFC Championship. Four championship home games, four losses. He finally broke through in 2005, and I will say at his lowest moments his teams were always competitive. Still, he shouldn't have leapfrogged Mike Holmgren. That's bull****.

Agreed 10000% with all of this. 

I hate the QB excuse, that’s on the coach. 

That’s like saying BoB is exempt from being a bad coach cause he didn’t have a QB until Watson. HE THOUGHT HE COULD WIN WITH BROCK AND HOYER. It was his own arrogance. Texans could of easily won the SB in 2016 with any Top 15 QB. 

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