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Clarkfn's Divisional Playoff Revier (The Preferred Review of People Who Like That)

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What a time to be alive! We get to watch the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game once again. This game was a complete beating and dissection of the Vikings. The 49ers imposed their will on this team and came out on fire. Let's hope the trend continues heading into next week.


Jimmy Jawline was just ok. He was actually the least accurate I have seen him in a while and I don't know that I saw any really difficult throws or reads for him to cause it. I don't believe in the nerves narrative that gets thrown around. You don't have the resiliency that this guys has and then buckle because the game means more. We say it every week. He is a winner and that is what he did. The first drive was really good and even the incompletion was a really nicely placed ball. If you are going to miss, at least miss away from the defender. I hated the pass into triple coverage to start the second half that was tipped an could have been intercepted. The pick was an unnecessary risk as Kyle basically said. Just no need to force what would have to be a perfect throw there, especially so early in the progressions. The Td to Bourne was a very nice read in the RPO and the throw was actually really good placement. Just an average game for him in a situation where he ended up not needing to do a ton.

Grade: C+


Coleman was really, really patient and decisive in this game. Good to see him show up in a big moment. Mostert was good as well prior to the calf cramp that sidelined hi the remainder of the game. Interesting note in that Juice was not used in the pass game nor were the RBs. Coleman almost broke a big one late that would have gone to the house, but he got popped near the sideline. He could have had a monster day similar to his Carolina game if that one would have broke. I loved his willingness to get the dirty yards. There were a lot of 4 and 5 yard gains where he had to grind it out. I don't anticipate any lingering injuries from Coleman or Mostert as I saw them both celebrating pretty heavily with Shanahan on the sidelines. Breida's fumble issues remain a concern. I don't see him being made inactive because I don't see the need for Wilson in the short yardage game. 


Coleman (A), Mostert (B+), Breida (D)


Another weird game where this group wasn't called upon to do a ton. Sanders had most of his work on the first drive and made some nice catches. KB continues to be a force inside the 10 yard line and really found himself open quite a bit in this game. He continues to drops some passes. Maybe this is just what he is at this point. I'll take it either way. He has managed to jump past Goodwin and Pettis in the depth chart and has secured himself a spot on the roster going forward. He actually is becoming an integral part of the offense and really is going to have a lasting impact on this season. Deebo had 3 for 42 I believe. Pretty pedestrian for what he have come to expect from him, but decent considering the sample size nonetheless.


Sanders (B), Bourne (B+), Deebo (B)


Not asked to do much in the receiving game due to opportunities throwing the ball, but the guy dominated in the run game and he was loving it.


Kittle (A)


What a game for these guys. I loved what I saw from the IOL. Tomlinson and Person pulled numerous times and did a really nice job getting to their man and turning them to create lanes. Garland again was solid on his reach blocks and I saw him 10 yards downfield numerous times hunting for another guy to block. I love the energy and nastiness he plays with. Staley and McG were very good on both sides. For as daunting of a task as it can be to compete against the Vikings d line, I thought they held up nicely and on the drive where they didn't throw, they did exactly what an OL should do. Solid all around day.


Staley (A), Tomlinson (A). Garland (B+), Person (A-), McG (B+)


Absolute domination from side to side. Sheldon Day was terrific, Buckner was explosive, Bosa may be the most complete D lineman in the game. He is top 5 for me. The Niners have to find a way to pay Armstead. Just utter domination from start to finish for this group. 6 rec for 8 yards for Cook, sack after sack, Bosa breaking up passes and running 15 yards down field to tackle a WR. Solly and Zettle combining for a sack. Earl looked fresh and fell right into place. Just amazing. What is left to be said about this group? I'm giving out all A+'s for this group.


Bosa (A+), Buckner (A+), Armstead (A+), Ford (A+), Zettle (A+), Solly (A+), (Earl (A+), Day (A+)


Nice job from this group as well. Warner didn't get a ton of publicity, but he was very consistent again and always seemed to be in the right place. Dre was impactful and chased down 2 or 3 tackles from behind that really showcased his speed. Kwon provided an incredible boost with his return and looked pretty good as well. He was in on a lot of plays. He moves so well with so much speed. He is always just there when the play ends.


Warner (B+), Greenlaw (A-), Kwon (B+)


With the exception of Witherspoon getting yanked, another solid outing for this group. Sherman literally ran Theilen's route on the pick and Moseley did a nice job of coming in and shutting down his side for the most part. Witherspoon didn't appear to be in terrible position on a lot of the balls he gave up. It was a ticky tack penalty and then on the ball to Diggs it almost seemed like he panicked when he felt beat. He really wasn't beat on the play, but I think he is struggling with some confidence issues and just panics at the thought of being beat. He was beat by Theilen, but he runs really precise routes and does that to a lot of people. I really like that he was supportive on the sidelines and even asked for Moseley's reps on ST. Says a lot about the player. Not time to give up on him yet, but definitely has lost the starting job to Moseley. I think that it comes down to Moseley doing the little things better despite the measurables favoring Spoon. K'Waun was unnoticed, which is not a bad thing.


Sherman (A+), Spoon (C), Moseley (B+), Williams (B+)


Ward was flying around in both aspects of this game. I forget he is on ST's as well. Tartt looked fine. Definitely good to see him back out there and I believe he really sures up the back end. Both guys appeared to come out of this one unscathed which is always a positive especially when Jimmie is laying the wood like he did a couple of times. The fact that Kyle Rudolph and Irv SMith were virtual non factors says a lot about these guys and the LBs


Tartt (A), Ward (A+)


All about Mitch Wish. Found irony in the fact that we just had the discussion regarding his effectiveness and ability to cause muffs. Not sure if they were on him, but he gets the credit for the 2 by Sherrels.


Gould (A+), Wish (A+)

There isn't a team imo that can beat these guys. Doesn't mean it wont happen, but I just don't see that being the case. They should handle GB with relative ease if the defense can play similar in any way. Then it is on to Miami and another week off. The thing about this team is that even when they have been defeated this season they were defeated on the final plays/drives of the game. That says a lot about how difficult it is to beat this group. They are in every game. I don't expect that to change and when you have the best HC/play caller in the game you always have a shot. They play GB with more rest and more time to prepare. I expect another handling of the Packers.

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