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Who’s on Board (Stefanski)



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I don't think there was a perfect candidate in this hiring cycle.

But this is the most on the same page a FO/coaching staff have been in forever here, so by that measure alone I think it has a better chance of success than most of our other recent hires.

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After hearing his offensive style without Kubiak...

.....hearing the reports from past players about his ability to hold players accountable and command the locker,

..... taking into account all the info learned about him prior to the press conference,

.... and then seeing how he is an effective communicator who is willing and able to address concerns and questions of all types (whether certain people think them worthy questions or not)....

I'm 200% all in on Kevin Stefanski as a Head Coach.

This is an exciting hire and pairing him with an effective and competent GM/Roster building has me feeling non-sensical things like:


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First off, I like it. I was between him and McDaniels so I am good.

Having said that, what do we know? We can always be hopeful, and I always am;  support the hire 100%.

Hopefully its the light at the end of the tunnel bc we seem to keep getting hit with a train.

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I honestly had no idea who i wanted as head coach.

I thought McDaniels could be a train wreck.  But his offensive scheming and talent was undeniable.  I was just as worried about his leadership abilities as I was excited about our offense with him at the helm.

I thought Schwartz was the one with the most experiance and who I trusted considering we need to get this right.

Stefanski was the one I knew the Analytics guys wanted and I had heard great things about his leadership but the fact that he hand't done this before scares me.

Saleh was the most fiery and I thought he would be the coach the players would run through a wall for.

All that being said i'm REALLY excited about Stefanski.  His leadership, His level headedness.  I hope he doesn't call plays and focuses on being a leader and the decision maker.

Hoping we finally got it right.  But hope is a dangerous thing...

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