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Dolphins @ Chargers

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Even @Boltstrikes thinks a win is possible here. So let's you know get this win.


JV out with soreness in surgically repaired knee. Hopefully this doesn't become a bigger issue and he just misses this game. 

When asked what kind of problems Jay Cutler would pose to the defense Melvin Ingram simply responded "none".

Inman remains questionable I haven't really heard anything either way on if he'll play.

Hunter Henry not concerned with lack of targets. 

Jarvis Landry has also been listed as questionable but it looks like he will likely play. 

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Dolphins are on the ropes  from a hurricane and haven't played a game this year. Their players have had to live in hotels and been out here all week trying to adjust to life on the road. Cutler sucks and I hate him as I hate hell and all Montagues. 


We better win win because the rest of the year we aren't getting a team with so much adversity. 

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You would think I'd be used to this feeling by now... but WOW...


Two weeks in a row the game ends to a missed FG, do we bring Lambo back or possibly look for a kicker somewhere else? Koo has been bad... missing FGs and not enough leg on kickoffs. 

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4 hours ago, DingoLadd said:

I don't know why I thought this season would be different. Koo's gonna get cut and we're probably gonna sign a random kicker off the street who will be worse.

Lambo or Aguayo?

And of course this happened. Why was I thinking it would turn out any different. 

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