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2020- TCMD Official Trades/Restructures/Extensions Thread (No Posting Trades until January 27th)


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As far as evaluating trades here is my stance on what I'd bring to the board for review.


A lopsided deal doesn’t concern me until I feel that the trade is actually damaging to the entire league, meaning that by allowing it would develop into a potential loophole within the guidelines or if I felt the trade was being done to game the system.  In addition, I’m personally not a fan of trading future picks for current year picks without some other form of compensation, we see this every year and I’m just not a fan. So know that I’ll be red flagging these for the other board members to review and approve or decline.  Future picks including players or part of a larger trade deal isn’t an issue, just the trades that only include a current pick for a future pick.

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So it looks like the board decided to keep the carry over numbers the same, so no changes required.  We can definitely discuss this after this mock is over in the feedback/suggestions thread for next year.  I think most of us agreed @sparky151 that we should use only the one source to collect all league data, but felt that spotrac provided the most accurate carry over figures.

Appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

Please do not reply to this.  Use the discussion thread for comments.  

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