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what to do with Brandon


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So I know we have talked about Scherrf before, hes a free agent this year. 28 year old Guard coming off of a probowl season (even though a ;lot of us thought it was a down year) Hes made the ProBowl the last 3 seasons and in 5 career seasons he has missed 15 games. What do you guys want to do about Brandon this offseason

Long Term Deal- He would be paid top of the market for Guards and thats a pretty hefty contract at 28 years old and injuries starting to come on

Franchise Tag- Buys us another year of him starting while we decide what to do with him or how to prepare for his departure 

Let him Walk- essentially get a pick at the end of the 3rd round next year IF..... we dont sign a highpriced FA

Tag and Trade- tag him and work out a deal with another team that could land us picks or a player


Wes Martin played great at the end of the year! Im not saying we should kust let scherrf hit the market or give Wes the Job Outright, but Its hard for me to want to invest in Brandon Long term. I know we need our best guys on the line to protect Haskins but I feel a Franchise tag or a tag and trae would be Ideal. heres my thoughts

We can Franchise him and have him play next year for us giving Martin more time to develope further and eventually take over or by us some time to get his replacement, or we could Tag and trade him which im kind of leaning towards. I feel a tag and trade could net us at the very least a 2nd round pick in this years draft. there arent many good guards in FA this year and Scherrf could proabably be easy to trade IMO. I would be looking at teams like Arizona, Cleveland, or Minnesota. I feel a 2nd and 4th would be a good compensation for him. Or its quite possible that a team at the end of the first round could be looking to upgrade at RG and offer a late 1st with us maybe sending a 5th back

In the end Martin may not be as good as Scherrf but hes got potential and played well, hes also on a cheap rookie deal. I rather save the 15 million and put it towards another position of need while aslo aquiring picks in return! so for me its tag and trade

If I were GM? Bring Trent back on a 3 year extension, resign Flowers, and trade scherrf to cleveland for a 2nd and 4th round selection, and take Trey Smith from Tenn. in the 3rd round of the draft who can play OG and OT, if Moses player poorly role with Martin and Smith on the right side. If Martin plays poorly role with Smith and Moses on the right side.




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2 hours ago, Slateman said:

Tag him. There's plenty of cap space and it's not like you're going to go on a spending spree in free agency. Gives you a year to find a replacement, which, honestly, isn't that difficult with competent scouting and drafting. 

Yup ^^^. Tag him.

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