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Antonio Gates vs Jason Witten


Better in their primes?  

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  1. 1. Better in their primes?

    • Gates
    • Witten

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2 hours ago, Cheesehawk said:

Agreed. Witten is probably the most underappreciated TE of all time. People forget how dominant that man was 

Yea again I do think Gates was more dominant in his prime. But Witten over the course of his career might arguably be the most reliable receiver of all time. 

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4 minutes ago, ET80 said:

I don't recall this. At all.



It was only 12 snaps. But thats 12 more snaps than any other team in the NFL would ask their TE to block JJ Watt 1 on 1. 


IRVING, Texas -- How much do the Dallas Cowboys trust Jason Witten as a blocker?

Unofficially he was asked to block Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt 12 times without any help in their 20-17 overtime win. That’s a lot asking a tight end, even one of Witten’s caliber, to block who the Cowboys called the best defensive player they will face this season by himself.

Witten stonewalled him on a few of those plays. One of the highlights from that game was him ragdolling JJ. 

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1 hour ago, ET80 said:

I don't recall this. At all.

I could block JJ Watt, 1v1. 

...just not successfully.

@Matts4313 do you have video? Article doesn’t clarify if they’re runs/passes. 1v1 blocking on an outside handoff to the opposite side is sort of irrelevant, so, context?

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